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Please only contact Master Lui-Gino only after you have joined our Facebook Private Club,  read all information on website, read all Facebook files named Master Fast, watched most videos and have made the decision to do what ever it takes, no matter what and no matter how long.

Master Lui-Gino’s Master Fast System for balance, wellness and simple weight loss (waste) with over 26-year detoxification journey to health has been full of ups and downs, learning from the best of the best in natural healing, using the Universe and Nature as his guides, putting his body and wellness at great risks several times, and experimenting with other people’s “theories” to really see what works. Eventually, he left all theories behind and has come full circle back to the basics using only Divine Order and Universal and Nature’s Laws which work under Universal Laws.

The Master Fast system is one of the most potent cleanses while being one of the easiest for most to do, allowing you to maintain your regular daily routines. In no way do we have all the answers, but this system does work in removing the dark black mucoid plaque from the GI tract, which is the root cause of many, if not all, dis-eases. It is a very potent cleanse for those who dare to go 40, 63, 90, 108 days or more. It is NOT a simple grape juice fast, MFS is a system which has lots of experience behind, is very well-thought-out and very sound that took many years to develop, ALL PARTS are CRUCIAL and very important, especially breaking the fast. This is only for serious health seekers only, who will take full responsibility for their own health and never point fingers. Naysayers and squeamish stay away. Death is absolute.