1. Why do we choose to live MFS Lifestyle of Less in More?

MFS is a simple road map to fully take charge of your own life through a lifestyle of “Less is More”, the art of subtraction.

MFS has mastered how to de-obstruct the GI tract (our Plasma vacuum tube), open up the kidneys energetically (i.e. kidney filtration), allow the energy system (lymph) to move freely, and clear our connection to source.

MFS is a glorified dry fast. It has outlined the importance of dry fasting in true detoxification, how to do it safely, and how to make it part of your lifestyle. Before we started sharing the MFS (4 years ago), there was almost no information on dry fasting among the “detoxification” community.

MFS has shattered the old beliefs regarding the need to drink water, consume certain numbers of calories and proportions of carbs/fats/proteins, take isolates (such as vitamins and minerals), etc. Instead, MFS has shown that only the body can feed, hydrate, balance and heal itself through connection to soul from source/God.

MFS has shown that everything is energy (Plasma), all matter is created through field interaction, and that the only way to find your answers is to go within and dive deep into the abyss of your soul.

MFS has established the best detoxification support system, as you can see in our Private Club Facebook group. Read and watch all the amazing metamorphosis people have and are going through.

For the last hundred years in the detoxification world, nothing had really changed until MFS landed on planet earth from planet Come Bella La Vita.

The information and support shared here on the MFS Private Club (Facebook group, website and videos) is priceless. The understanding comes from decades of experience for those who devote and commit to the MFS Lifestyle of Less is More through the art of subtraction.

MFS: the results-based & goals-driven Lifestyle of Less is More. Mastering the art of subtraction which keeps the Plasma Love always flowing…

2. Why do we use cooked ingredients on the MFS?

The MFS is based on Master Luigi Gino Di Serio’s understanding of Plasma Space Technology and how the universe works. Looking at nature alone is very limiting, as nature works under universal laws. Everything in the universe is based on magnetic gravitational (Magrav) plasmatic field interactions, which are continuously interacting with each other throughout the universe for perpetuity.

Cooking the Concord grape juice opens up it’s structure atomically bringing it into a “higher order” called GANS (GAs in Nano Solid state) creating strong plasmatic field interactions, which always seek balance. When we mix the cooked grape juice with the lemon juice (raw or cooked), we create even stronger plasmatic field interactions through gradient. These strong field interactions allow the GI tract to shed its lining of impacted “mucoid plaque”, which is made of old dried fecal matter, parasites, pathogens, toxins, emotions etc.

Additionally, we mix the charcoal, which is burnt, with the psyllium and clay, which would also generate strong plasmatic field interactions through a gradient, thus bringing balance to the body. As the Plasma Pudding passes through our GI tract, it (plasmatically) creates balance as it gently massages the villi attracting acids, plaque, toxins, sulphur, chemicals and parasites on its way out. This is very important because once the toxic mucoid plaque is loosened by the cooked Concord grape juice, we want it out of the body as quickly as possible so it does not get absorbed into the blood.

Further, we mix the cooked tea with the herbal tinctures, which further generate plasmatic field interactions. These field interactions serve to support the whole body (physically, emotionally and, first and foremost, spiritually), thus ensuring safety and efficiency on the MFS.

Thus, there are 3 strong plasmatic field interactions happening on the MFS using cooked ingredients, all working together to allow the body to cleanse deeply, find balance and heal itself. Instant healing has been achieved with Plasma Space Technology. Plasma works at the soul level. Once we correct emotion, physicality has no choice but to correct itself. Not other way around. Hence, the cause of imbalance is always emotional.

We are just scratching the surface with this “new” understanding of Plasma Space Technology, which has been around since the beginning of time throughout the universe. It is growing very quickly here on earth and we will be seeing more and more of this technology in the near future.

3. What is Plasma Space Technology?

Master Luigi Gino Di Serio has been a student of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KF SSI) for the past few years and recommends educating yourself on this technology, which is continuously evolving, by watching the following playlist videos:

Join the World Peace Movement. The Era of Plasma. Keshe Spaceship Institute.  

Please make a Donation to the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Program for continued research and development for peace to all of Humanity.

4. Why is it necessary to follow the complete MFS protocol?

All parts of the MFS are essential and crucial for your safety and success. Leaving out any part of the system does not make it a MFS, and may lead to energetic blockages and even death.

Master Luigi Gino Di Serio’s first 40-day juice fast back in 1990, was on Concord grape juice only (without the Plasma Pudding or any herbs). Back then, he was very inexperienced in detoxification and had absolutely no support. He ended up burning his kidneys, bladder, and sciatic nerve and was bed-ridden for almost 2 years.

This is the reason we do not support juice-only fasting. Every little part of the MFS has so much experience and prudence behind it and is a very cheap insurance. With today’s obstructed and toxic man, it is crucial to support the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies with all parts of the MFS.

5. Is drinking Concord grape juice every day too much sugar for my body?

Carbon (in sugar) is essential for all life forms on earth. Fruits are human’s species-specific foods, for those of us who choose to eat. They are the least karmic and least obstructive of all physical foods for man. Fruits are also the best foods for diabetics. Unlike glucose, fructose from whole fruits does not require insulin to be processed by the cells.

When choosing to eat, we recommend eating the fruits in their whole form, rather than juicing or blending them, to avoid fermentation (an occasional fruit juice or smoothie is not an issue once the GI tract is cleaned with a long MFS, like 108 days).

On the MFS, however, we drink the cooked Concord grape juice for deep-cleansing purposes. The cooked Concord grape juice creates plasmatic field interactions, which allow the body to deep clean itself. Keep in mind that we avoid guzzling the juice on the MFS to avoid spiking blood sugar, and instead we sip small amounts within our daily drinking window.

6. Can I prepare my own cooked-juice instead of using store-bought juice?

Yes. You may juice your own Concord grapes, or any of the recommended fruits in the protocol. To cook your raw juice, boil and then simmer for 9 minutes. You may cook the lemon juice with it (for stronger plasmatic field interactions), otherwise, let it cool and add raw lemon juice. The raw Concord grape juice does not have the potency of the cooked Concord grape juice. We look at plasmatic field interactions, not nutrition.

7. Do we have to use the herbal tinctures? I can’t afford them.

All parts of the MFS are essential and crucial for your safety and success. Leaving out any part of the system does not make it a MFS, and may lead to energetic blockages and even death.

Remember, our health is priceless. Almost everyone who lives the MFS Lifestyle Of Less Is More agrees that this lifestyle saves them money.

For those of you who do not have the money to make an upfront payment for tinctures, we suggest saving for them over the next weeks or months, while studying the MFS website, watching the videos on MFS YouTube Channel, and reading members posts on MFS Facebook group. Please note that by using MFS herbal tinctures, which are the only MFS-designed, tested and approved herbs, you are supporting us to continue supporting you. We thank you in advance.

Another suggestion is to purchase the smallest size tinctures (100ml), to reduce the upfront cost, and do a short MFS (click here to learn how long MFS tinctures would last you for on MFS). We suggest starting with 1-6 weeks of Full MFS to clear out some blockages in the GI tract. Once the GI tract is clearer, you would feel more inspired to live and love the MFS Lifestyle Of Less Is More at the level(s) of your choice. For maximum support, we suggest investing in Divine 9 herbal kit if doing 1-2 weeks on Full MFS, and Last Supper 12 if doing 2 weeks or more on Full MFS. 

If this is still not possible for you, we suggest researching and learning how to make your own tinctures. Aim to collect all the herbs you possibly can in Divine 9 herbal tincture kit or, even better, Last Supper 12 kit.

8. How long would MFS tinctures last me for on MFS?

Your dosage varies according to your body weight. The protocol calls for two dosages per day. Please see the table below.

Tincture Dosage Chart (for each tincture) - take two dosages per day:

Weight (Pounds)Weight (Kilograms)Dosage (Milliters)
25 or less lbs11.3 or less kg3-9 drops
25-50 lbs11.3-22.7 kg0.5 ml
50-75 lbs22.7-34 kg0.6 ml
75-100 lbs34-45.4 kg1 ml
100-125 lbs45.4-56.7 kg1.5 ml
125-175 lbs56.7-79.4 kg2 ml
175-225 lbs79.4-102.1 kg2.5 ml
225-300 lbs102.1-136.1 kg3-4 ml

9. Do MFS tinctures have an expiry date?

No. MFS tinctures only get better with age.

10. Herbal tinctures taste too strong for me. Any suggestions?

Start with small amounts (even drops, if you have to) and work your way up to the recommended dose (see Tincture Dosage Chart in the protocol). It is best to take them with the Kidney Tea, however, you may also add them to little bit of grape juice, grapefruit juice or maple syrup, if you have to, to hide the taste.

If alcohol in the tinctures is a challenge for you, you can get rid of the alcohol completely by placing your next day’s tincture dose in a pan/plate with a large open surface area overnight (mix tinctures with 1-2 tablespoons of Kidney Tea so tinctures don’t dry up).

11.There are a few numbered tincture formulas (Bowels 1-5, Brain & Nerve 1-3, Kidney 1-5, Lungs 1 & 2, Lymph 1-5, Lymph Node 1-5 ). How do I know which numbered formula to choose?

Different numbered formulas have different herbs.

When eating, we recommend changing the numbered formulas every 1-2 months, as the body gets used to them quickly. This, however, does not happen when fasting. You may change the numbered formulas in your next MFS, if you wish (see below). Please keep in mind MFS Herbal Tincture Kits were pre-designed to provide you maximum support during detoxification (details on which kit to purchase are found in MFS Protocol).

Bowels formulas are based on the frequency of your current bowel movements:
Bowels 1: for those who have loose stool or >1 bowel movement/day
Bowels 2: for those who have 1 bowel movement/1-2 days
Bowels 3: for those who have 1 bowel movement/2-3 days
Bowels 4: for those who have 1 bowel movement/3-4 days
Bowels 5: for those who have 1 bowel movement/4 days or more

Brain & Nerve 1 and 2 are simply different formulas. Brain & Nerve 3 is formulas 1 and 2 together.

Kidney 1 and 3 are cleansers (great for pulling toxins), whereas 2 and 4 are diuretic (great for flushing toxins). The higher the number, the stronger the effect of the herbs. We suggest starting with the lower numbered formulas (Kidney 1 and 2 – one for pulling and one for flushing) and working your way up to the higher numbered formulas (Kidney 3 and 4). Kidney 5 is simply a different formula.

Lungs 1 is designed for general detoxification of lung tissues, whereas Lungs 2 is specifically designed to loosen hardened mucus in the lungs, air tubes, and sinuses.

For Lymph & Lymph Node 1-5 formulas, the higher the number, the stronger the pull on the lymphatic system. We suggest adding a Lymph Node formula to the Lymph formula, as this is where toxins get neutralized and so the lymph nodes can use some help while detoxing. If you are new to fasting and clean eating (i.e. less than 2 years on MFS Lifestyle of Less is More), your kidneys might not be open enough and the loosened obstructions in the lymphatic system might have nowhere to go, which would make you feel sick. Thus, we suggest starting at the lower numbered lymphatic formulas and working your way up slowly. Also, the more lymphatic formulas you use, the more Kidney formulas we suggest you use.

12. Is mucoid plaque real or is it just the Plasma Pudding?

Master Luigi Gino Di Serio’s first juice fast back in 1990, was on Concord grape juice only (without the Plasma Pudding or any herbs). Within 7 days of the fast, he started releasing huge long dark black rubbery plaque and continued to release until the end of his 40-day fast. Additionally, many other people have released the mucoid plaque without using Plasma Pudding ingredients. Having said that, we do not recommend leaving the Plasma Pudding out, as it is an essential part of the MFS.

Of course the Plasma Pudding ingredients are coming out, but the small amount of Plasma Pudding we take on the MFS (1-4 tablespoons per day) does not add up to several feet of plaque we release almost daily on the MFS, along with parasites and thick pieces mucus. Additionally, the Plasma Pudding is odourless going in, but stinks extremely badly coming out, depending your past lifestyle.

The mucoid plaque is coming from within and in-between every single cell in the body from head to toe, not only from the GI tract. Most people are backed up with waste at the cellular level.

Here is a video by Master Luigi Gino Di Serio discussing the mucoid plaque.

Click here for photos of mucoid plaque released on MFS.

13. Can I shower and brush my teeth while dry fasting?

Yes you may, depending on the level of dry fasting you choose to do. See “Different Levels of Dry Fasting” section under Dry Fasting on MFS protocol.

14. Is it important to wash my colon everyday on the MFS?

Yes. We want to make sure the bowels are moving everyday on the MFS. Doing multiple enemas, or even better, a Colema daily is a MUST on the MFS, except on the dry fasting days, as water in the bowels breaks the dry fast. Also, doing a colonic (using closed system & gravity pressure) with a therapist once a week on the MFS would be great to remove much of the waste that has been dislodged on the fast. Aim to use 6-10 litres of liquid per day to wash the colon. Washing your colon everyday will only strengthen the colon and make your MFS experience much more effective and enjoyable. For more information about Bowel Movements on MFS, please click here.

15. What is the difference between enemas, Colemas, and colonics?

With enemas, ~1-2 liters of water is injected into the colon at a time, and then flushed. With Colemas, a greater amount of water (~ 20 liters) is continually going in and out doing a better job washing the colon. With colonics, an even greater amount of water (~50-200 liters) is going in and out to wash the colon. This allows the water to travel farther into the colon permeating the folds and softening the impacted matter. Thus, colonics are considerably much more effective than Colemas, which in turn are much more effective than enemas.

16. What is the difference between an enema bag and an enema bucket?

This is a personal preference. We prefer the enema bag over the bucket, as it can be easily packed for travel (takes much less space than the bucket). Also, unlike the bucket, the bag allows us to see how much water is left in, as it deflates when the water exists the bag. One of the advantages of the bucket is that it is easier to clean and dry than the bag. 

17. How do I wash my enema bag/bucket?

Add about 1 tablespoon of bleach and 1 litre water to the bag/bucket, let the liquid run through the hose, flush the bag/bucket one more time with plain water, then let the bag/bucket sit for an hour to allow the bleach to evaporate.

18. What is the difference between an open and a closed colonic system? Which one do you recommend?

In an open colonic system, you would release bowel movements into an open space, whereas in a closed colonic system, you would release into a closed waste hose.

We prefer using the closed over the open colonic system, as it allows the uptake of more water into the colon, which results in more efficient washing and release. Also, with the closed system, the therapist is next to you massaging your abdomen, which helps move the water into the deep pockets of the colon.

Whichever system you choose, always make sure the colonic is performed using a natural gravity-mode, rather than an unnatural pressure-mode.

19. Can I become dependent on colonics?

Colon Hydrotherapy helps exercise the colon muscles by providing resistance against the colon walls, much like the resistance needed to build muscles during any exercise. This stimulates natural peristalsis, allowing the colon to become stronger and work better on its own.

20. What is kidney filtration?

 As Master Luigi Gino Di Serio says “kidneys are king & queen”. They have their own free will. According to Plasma Space Technology, kidneys support our brain function.

It is extremely important to remove obstructions from the physical and emotional bodies to allow deep healing to take place.

Kidney filtration is a great sign of successful detoxification (i.e. de-congesting the kidneys to allow the release of excess obstructions through the urine).

The bowels and the kidneys are the main “elimination” organs. When they are blocked, the body becomes backed up because the obstructions cannot exit the body properly anymore, but rather interfere with our plasmatic field interactions causing an imbalance in the body.

It all starts with the food that we eat. When we eat 3-dimensional food, this food gets converted into excess GANS (GAs in Nano Solid state) through the process of “digestion”, which requires most of the body’s energy. This excess GANS from obstructs our bowels to various degrees, depending on the type of food we eat and the emotional state while eating it.

Obstructions in the bowels put extra obstructions in the fluid: the blood (waste/sewer system) and the lymph (energy system). This in turn blocks the kidneys, which are filter the fluid, hindering their plasmatic field interactions and impairing their function.

Ideally, the kidneys filter excess obstructions in the fluid and expel them out of the body through the urine. However, when the kidneys are obstructed, the blood and lymph become backed-up with obstructions, which may start coming out through the skin (another elimination organ) in the form of pimples, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, etc. This simply means that underneath the skin, the fluid is backed up with obstructions because the kidneys and bowels are blocked. Basically, when the kidneys are blocked, the whole body becomes obstructed and this may be experienced in various ways including joint pain, edema, swollen lymph nodes, pain, headaches, etc.

So when we fast, we always focus on the bowels and the kidneys. We fully support them to help them open up and release obstructions caused by consuming 3-dimensional food, which the body was forced to convert into GANS so it can use its energy.

As the kidneys open up and start filtering properly (i.e. removing excess obstructions from the fluid), the lymph starts flowing freely allowing proper energy transfer (note: raising our CO2 with less breathing boosts this energy transfer and creates all the elements the body needs). This in turn allows the body to hydrate, find balance, heal and regenerate. Thus, it is very important to always support and nurture our kidneys, especially during a fast.

21. How do I check for kidney filtration? When do most people start filtering on MFS?

Check your urine regularly by simply peeing in a glass jar and observing. It is best to do this in the morning before drinking. We want to see sediment in the form of particles, strings, cloudy-mucus, etc. The more sediment we see in the urine, the more obstructions exiting the body allowing free plasmatic field interactions, thus restoring kidney function. Clear urine indicates that the kidneys are not filtering (i.e. blocked kidneys). Normally you can see the sediment immediately. If you don’t, place the glass jar in the fridge for a few hours and re-check later. Most people start filtering heavily within 1-2 months on the MFS. Click here to see photos of kidney filtration on the MFS.

22. How can we improve kidney filtration?

One of the best ways to improve kidney filtration is to wash the colon from excess obstructions resulting from consuming 3-dimensional food. This would put much less obstructions in the fluid (blood and lymph), which in turn puts much less stress on the kidneys (the filter).

Use the tools suggested in the protocol for Dealing with Detoxification Symptoms under “Lower back (kidney) pain” section.

Live MFS Lifestyle of Less is More.

23. Why is the blood, rather than lymph, our sewer system?

According to Plasma Space Technology, the blood is our sewer system attached to emotions, whereas the lymph is our energy system attached to physicality.

The blood is designed to be fully oxygenated and moving at all times in order to stay balanced and clean, otherwise we would die from toxaemia.

The lymph, on the other hand, is on the acidic side (it is where energy transfer happens through CO2 that is constantly being produced by the body via breathing) and does not move on its own, especially in a plugged up body, without movement/exercise. For example, when a person is sick lying on bed, the blood keeps moving, however there is no energy (due to lymph stagnation in a plugged up body). This is why movement is crucial. When the lymph is backed up, imbalances occur in our physicality.

Once we free ourselves from obstructions, as Arnold Ehret stated: Vitality = Power – Obstruction (V = P – O), the lymph starts flowing plasmatically on its own through gravitational and magnetical fields according to the principles of the universes, as the whole body is in a GANS (Gas As Nano Solid) semi matter state.

We focus on energy, not matter. Chemistry, being in matter state, is the effect of field interactions and has a limited viewing window. We keep adding to the knowledge as we expand our awareness.

24. May I exercise while on the MFS?

We do not recommend vigorous exercise on the MFS, as fasting is a time for healing. Hardcore exercises such as heavy weight lifting would not be wise, however, we do recommend light exercises to move stagnant energy such as brisk walking, stretching, yoga, biking, jogging, rebounding, etc. Movement is crucial when you have the energy (always allow movement). When tired, rest by going to bed early or taking naps.

25. Can I do the MFS while working, studying, parenting, vacationing, etc.?

Yes. Most people do at least one of the above and have completed 108 days on MFS. When there is a commitment there is always a way. Focus on your goals. Use the MFS Tools we suggest to support you.

26. How do I deal with challenging family members and/or friends?

This is a challenge for most people starting on the MFS Lifestyle of Less is More. Some family members and/or friends can be very challenging and might even push you to see doctor(s) and/or eat the standard diet, when they are actually leading you towards sickness and dis-ease.

It is very important to first make peace with yourself and become one with your Creator, and then, make amends with close family, friends and anybody you are unsettled with. Always give them your love and support no matter what, as your health journey is much more pleasant with their love and support. Learn to forgive them and move on with your life. At the end of the day, it is your absolute right to choose the lifestyle that you believe is best for you.

The negative pressure from family and friends can be amplified when you start loosing weight (waste), which most likely you will. Please follow the MFS protocol, especially the dry fasting schedule, to minimize weight loss. Most people loose more weight when they over do the dry fasting. Loosing weight only means that the body was built on poor material. Trust in Divine order and universal laws to allow your body to heal. There is absolutely no reason to worry about weight loss when fasting or cleansing. The body always goes back to its ideal weight when it finds balance. Keep the faith in your soul. Remember, you are on nature’s operating table, without a surgeon’s knife. You cannot build a strong body on waste, just like you cannot restore an old rusty car until you strip it all down and remove all the rust before starting to re-build it with good material. Once you start to re-build your body with the proper IN-FORMATION (material), the body starts gaining more and more strength.

We encourage you to utilize our MFS Facebook group Private Club, where you would receive guidance and support from experienced members, who have been through similar experiences.

27. How do I handle oral (teeth & gums) issues on the MFS?

The teeth have deep-rooted lymphatic vessels. Stagnant lymph in the mouth is a reflection of an obstructed body. When we cleanse and start moving the lymph, we may experience detoxification symptoms in the mouth such as inflammation, ulcers, pain and loosened teeth. As the body gets cleaner, the symptoms start reversing. Click here for our oral care tips.

28. Why do we not eat on the MFS?

For maximum elimination and healing, we want to stop digestion completely. The MFS keeps the body in a deep elimination and healing modes. There is no plateauing on the MFS. As soon as we start eating, the detoxification slows down significantly or even stops, depending on what we eat and our emotional state while eating.

29. Why is drinking water not part of the MFS?

There is no reason to consume water on the MFS, except for making herbal teas or doing enemas. When using water, use the best quality water you can find. The MFS allows the body to start hydrating itself, as obstructions are removed. In fact, we do not recommend drinking water ever.

The reason most people feel thirsty is because their bodies are on fire. They are throwing the body out of acid-balance with their toxic and dehydrating diets. The Standard American Diet (SAD) obstructs the body and sucks the hydration and vitality out of the cells. Thus, people feel the need to drink to cool down the acids and dilute the toxicity. However, drinking water does not hydrate the body. If anything, it puts more stress on the kidneys, which have to filter all the extra fluid.

It takes years for the body to hydrate itself at the cellular level. Incorporating the MFS, dry fasting, and clean (mucusless) minimal eating into your lifestyle is the best way we know to restore hydration at the cellular level.

On the MFS, the cooked Concord grape juice/lemon juice, Plasma Pudding, and tea/tinctures, all which generate plasmatic field interactions, serving to restore balance and cellular hydration in the body.

When we dry fast, our cells produce “heat” to burn toxins. This works by activating the magnetic gravitational (Magrav) plasmatic field interactions within each of our trillions cells, which allows the cells to hydrate in ways beyond our understanding. This is why dry fasting is as vast as the stars when it comes to healing. It allows the body to access its perfect blueprint in the ether, like no other. MFS is a glorified dry fast.

Fruits are the least dehydrating foods for humans. It is best to eat one type of fruit a meal (mono-fruit-meals) for best digestion and elimination. Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach (otherwise wait 4 hours after eating vegetables) and in their whole form (rather than blending or juicing). Always choose ripe, seasonal, and if possible local fruits.

Living the MFS Lifestyle of Less is More trains the body to feed, hydrate, and balance itself at the cellular level better than anything else we know.

On another note, when making GANS/Plasma Water, you may drink very small amounts (1 teaspoon, 3 times per day) or add it to your MFS juice, tinctures and/or tea to increase plasmatic field interactions in the fluid, thus allowing the body to restore balance and cellular hydration.

With Plasma, everything is possible, even feeding the body without physical food. We can create all matter and/or any life-form in an instant through intent and emotion, as this is how we are here.

Master Luigi Gino Di Serio’s experience with water: As soon as I stopped drinking plain water and started dry fasting, I regained 3/4″ of my height back, which I have lost on a high fat raw vegan diet and drinking liters of alkaline water per day”.

30. How do I get rid of the parasites?

The parasites are inside us because they are feeding on the obstructions. The more obstructions we have, the more the parasites. They take over our nervous system, making us believe we are hungry, when the body is not hungry, because they want to eat to survive. Often times, the host looses faith as the parasites take control.

It is important to focus on removing the obstructions, as this is the reason the parasites are inside us in the first place, rather than killing them. We take the Parasites Herbal Tincture to assist us in the cleansing process. However, our main focus has always been to rid the body of obstructions in order to release the parasites, as we have witnessed over and over again on the MFS. Here is an interesting video.

31. Do I need to take supplements on the MFS?

“Nutrition” is a man-made illusion. Remove all physical foods by fasting and the body starts hydrating, feeding, balancing and healing itself. Subtraction is the solution, not addition. It is all about the correct in-formation. Seek the correct in-formation (Plasma Space Technology) through fasting and using herbs. Extracts of chemistry are out-of-formation and create an imbalance in the body, as we do not know what they leave behind. Fasting and herbs are in-formation of Divine order and universal laws.

On the MFS, we use the juice, Plasma Pudding and herbs to support the body while detoxing. We have more than enough support on the MFS protocol.

32. Do I stop my medications on the MFS?

It is important that you do not reduce, change or discontinue any medications and/or medical treatments without consulting your doctor/physician first. You can ask your doctor/physician to help you get off your medications slowly. This is especially the case for blood sugar and blood pressure medications, as it is dangerous to come off these medications immediately. It is also dangerous to cleanse while taking these medications, unless you are monitoring yourself regularly and adjusting the dose accordingly, as cleansing restores balance in the body. If you have any suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate professional help. Remember, there is always a risk of DEATH while fasting and breaking the fast. Know and understand YOUR RISKS.

33. Does the MFS “treat” or “cure” dis-eases?

Please read the Notice. MFS does not treat and/or cure any dis-eases. From our experience, the MFS simply allows the body to heal itself by removing obstructions, which are the cause of dis-ease. Vitality = Power – Obstruction (V = P – O), Arnold Ehret’s formula.

Embrace and enjoy your journey back to wellness, health and balance. Plasma Love always flowing everywhere…

34. What does “Plasma Love Always Flowing (PLAF)” mean?

We use the word PLAF to remind ourselves to live inline with the principles of the universes and find balance, as this is what Plasma is always seeking.

Everything is made out of Plasma, which is always in motion, giving and receiving through gravitational and magnetical fields of love that are flowing according to the principles of the universes. It is Creation’s constantly flowing elegant dance.

Together, let’s put our intent and emotions towards releasing our obstructions (which hinder PLAF) and move towards peace, balance and correct conduct.

Let’s pray for and elevate the souls of those of us who are not ready to heal so we can keep the Plasma Love always flowing…

All information and/or usage of Master Fast System (MFS) including, but not limited to, logos, names, protocols, products, tools, concepts, and ideas is protected under the Master Fast System intellectual property rights: copyright© & trademark™. All rights reserved with prejudice.