Guidelines for Sharing MFS

Dear MFS Private Club members,

We are happy and extremely delighted to watch you utilize and share the Master Fast System™© (MFS™©) to help yourself and your loved ones. It is both encouraging and exciting for us to see that through the MFS you have awakened to the truth and have found your path to health and wellbeing. In the arena of health, where there are countless protocols and false promises about regaining health, MFS is the only system that shines as vast as the stars and keeps expanding. It allows your body to truly heal at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels from your soul as many members have experienced. It has been highly encouraging and heart-warming to witness members sharing their journeys and reporting positive results every single day on the MFS Private Club™© Facebook group using the MFS protocol designed utilizing over 30 years of knowledge, successes and failures; countless hours, weeks, and years of studying from many amazing teachers and books; and spending endless amounts of money. The MFS was born out of those collective experiences and insights to bring peace, balance, and correct conduct to humanity.

Your gift of health to yourself, your family, and your friends through the MFS is your biggest gift to us. Thank you! Nothing is more rewarding than watching members in the MFS Private Club, who have struggled with ill-health that has impeded their quality of life, or were diagnosed with some “disease” by main-stream doctors and science, now turn around and experience changes within themselves in a short duration like no other protocol we have ever witnessed or experienced before. It is in fact very hard not to see results when we follow the MFS protocol as designed. All parts of the system are crucial for safety and efficiency. Some of you have chosen to enthusiastically extend your MFS knowledge and experience on to others. We are totally in agreement with your genuine desire to share what has helped you gain back your health and vitality, and we are fully supportive of those who want to give the gift of health to others through the MFS. MFS is all about Plasma Love always flowing so people can find peace, balance, and correct conduct in their lives.

Having said the above, over the past few years, we have been observing how the MFS name is becoming popular and is being shared outside the MFS Private Club. As much as this is good news and a dream of ours come true since we want everybody to claim their health and vitality back, we have reviewed the potential drawbacks of sharing the MFS without our approval.

Here is a list of negative actions deliberately conducted by imbalanced people against the ethos of the MFS:

  • Selling “mimicked” MFS-recommended products (with & without MFS name).
  • Providing MFS services (with & without MFS name).
  • Creating MFS websites and/or Facebook groups (with & without MFS name).
  • Re-writing MFS protocol (with & without MFS name).
  • Teaching MFS material (with & without MFS name).
  • Translating MFS material (with & without MFS name).
  • Organizing MFS groups, meetings, and/or retreats (with & without MFS name).

Here are a few things we want to bring to your attention:

  • We want MFS Private Club members to know that we cannot ensure the quality of the “mimicked” MFS-recommended products and/or services sold by other people and/or businesses using MFS name(s), ideas, and/or concepts. We request people and/or businesses to cease and desist the use of any MFS name(s) immediately to avoid any trademark and/or copyright infringements.
  • We do not approve people and/or businesses opening their own MFS website(s), Facebook group(s)/page(s), other social media platforms, and/or file(s), etc. We request people and/or businesses to cease and desist the use of the MFS name(s) immediately to avoid any trademark and/or copyright infringements. We also want MFS members to know that the “Master Fast System” Facebook group is the only group that follows the MFS protocol as intended and is guided by the MFS. We do not approve providing MFS support outside the MFS Private Club.
  • We do not support copying, re-writing and/or translating the MFS protocol and/or any part of the MFS protocol in non MFS-approved website(s), Facebook group(s)/page(s), other social media platform(s) and/or file(s), etc., as this would be trademark and/or copyright infringement. We want to ensure MFS Private Club members are receiving up-to-date information found on the MFS website, as the MFS is being continuously updated.
  • We do not allow teaching the MFS material and/or organizing MFS groups, meetings, and/or retreats without our approval. We find this to be in dishonour to the ethos of the MFS. Here in the MFS Private Club, we take the responsibility of supporting every single member seriously. It is very challenging to manage a group of people on such a powerful detoxification program. From our experience, only few people understand how detoxification works and can handle such a challenging position. If interested in introducing people to the MFS, please invite them to the MFS Private Club website and Facebook group so they can receive the correct information and much-needed support during their detoxification. If language is a barrier, please stay by the person who needs support to translate the support/advice offered by one of the admins.
  • When sharing your MFS journey on your own website(s), Facebook group(s)/page(s), other social media platform(s) and/or file(s), please avoid replacing the name “MFS” or “Master Fast System” with other names such as “grape juice fast” and/or “dry fast detox”, as these words do not fully describe the MFS. Always refer the reader to the MFS Private Club website and Facebook group for information and support.

MFS is about unification, not separation. Let’s work together to help everyone on his/her healing journey. Safety and efficiency are a priority to all of us here on the MFS.

We very much appreciate you Private Messaging our Admin Rana El-rass when observing actions against the Guidelines for Sharing MFS.

We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. We elevate the souls of those who have chosen the path of dishonour. Your kind co-operation is very much appreciated and allows us to keep the Plasma Love always flowing…

Yours truly with blessings from the heavens with Plasma Love always flowing,

MFS: the results-based & goals-driven Lifestyle of Less is More.

Master Fast System™© C/O 1933176 ONTARIO LTD.

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