The Master Fast System™© (MFS™©) is a Spiritual Private Club in the ether. It is not for public. All are welcome to join, except those involved with war and/or enslavement in any way, shape, or form. Our focus is on peace, balance, and correct conduct for all humanity. No cures, treatments, and/or diagnosis here. We simply share our experiences amongst MFS Private Club™© members on how we clean our pipes, just like plumbers. You assume all risks if you choose to follow any suggestions presented and/or offered on the MFS Private Club website, Facebook group, and/or any other social media platform. At the MFS Private Club, everyone takes full responsibility of his/her own actions in relation to health. Please note that we do not allow “teaching” the MFS outside the MFS Private Club in any way, shape, or form. Remember, thou shalt not steal. It is your soul.

All material and recommendations presented on the MFS Private Club website, Facebook group, and/or any other social media platform represent the opinions of the author and/or members and are for experimental and/or entertainment purposes only. The information and recommendations provided on the MFS Private Club website, Facebook group, and/or any other social media platform have not been and will not be evaluated by Health Canada and/or the Food and Drug Administration, as MFS is a Private Club for members only. Remember, there is always a risk of death while fasting and/or breaking the fast. Know and understand your risks. Any recommendations made on the MFS Private Club website, Facebook group, and/or any other social media platform are not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare physician and/or doctor. You are encouraged to seek advice from a competent medical professional and/or doctor regarding the applicability of any recommendations with regards to your symptoms and/or conditions.

It is important that you do not reduce, change, or discontinue any medications and/or medical treatments without consulting your physician first. This is especially the case for psychiatric, blood sugar, and blood pressure medications, as it is dangerous to come off these medications immediately. It is also dangerous to cleanse while taking these medications, unless you are monitoring yourself regularly and adjusting the dose accordingly with your doctor, as cleansing restores balance in the body. If you have any suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate professional help. Remember, there is always a risk of death while fasting and/or breaking the fast. Know and understand your risks.

By visiting, remaining on, reading, and/or using the MFS Private Club website, Facebook group, and/or any other social media platform you are consenting and agreeing throughout the universes for perpetuity to being a member of our MFS Private Club. In doing so, you are privileged and free to do as you please as long as you do not negatively affect any other member in the MFS Private Club in any way, shape, or form. As a MFS Private Club member, you assume all risks, liabilities, and/or responsibilities for your own health and hold harmless any and/or all MFS Private Club members, admins, Master Luigi Gino Di Serio, and/or anyone associated with the MFS. We highly advise you to be careful whom you take your advise from on any of the MFS Private Club social media platforms and/or anywhere else for that matter. Remember, there is always a risk of death while fasting and/or breaking the fast. Know and understand your risks. 

Terms and conditions in this Notice are subject to change at anytime without notice. You may dismiss yourself and leave the MFS Private Club Facebook group and/or any other social media platform at anytime, but remain subject to the terms and conditions in this Notice as long as you have used, experimented with, or contributed to any information on the MFS Private Club website, Facebook group, and/or any other social media platform.

Your health is your unalienable right and nobody can tell you what to do to your body, mind, and/or spirit/soul. Otherwise, it is by force, threat, duress, intimidation, and/or slavery. Remember, there is always a risk of death while fasting and/or breaking the fast. Know and understand your risks.

MFS (1933176 ONTARIO LTD.) provides private spiritual coaching service for MFS Private Club members/clients and/or their pets assisting them with their MFS Lifestyle of Less is More. MFS Private Club members/clients are bound to honour MFS (1933176 ONTARIO LTD.) privacy agreement arrangement of this self executing contract to not share any personal information with any other entities, agencies, agents, governments, persons, corporations, etc.

Blessings & Plasma Love always flowing…

Please Sign the Peace Treaty for Your Soul.


  1. As a MFS Private Club member, you are consenting and agreeing to all the MFS terms and conditions. We think of ourselves as family members who support each other to learn and/or expand together in a private club atmosphere that is not bound by any man-made paper and/or laws. By remaining a MFS Private Club member, you are bound by the MFS and/or universe ethos.
  2. The MFS is not a “juice fast”. It is one of the most expanded potent cleanses while being one of the simplest for most to do, allowing you to maintain your regular daily routines. MFS is not a raw grape juice fast. It is built around pasteurized grape juice and raw or cooked lemon juice along with other essential parts and tools to assist complete and safe detoxification. MFS is an extremely well thought out system that is over 29 years in the making and development, based on Master Luigi Gino Di Serio’s understanding of Plasma Space Technology, nature and many amazing brilliant teachers. We welcome members who are open-minded to understand plasma energy. If you are a proponent of “Raw is Law” and/or if MFS doesn’t agree with your principles, we believe the MFS Private Club will be a misfit for you and ask you to please remove yourself.
  3. Following all parts of the MFS, the way it is designed, is crucial and very important, especially breaking the fast. The MFS Private Club is not for those who want to follow parts of the MFS and/or not want to follow the protocol as designed.
  4. MFS is only for those who take full responsibility for their own health and never blame others for life-long insults to their own bodies. MFS is only for serious spiritual health seekers who will do whatever it takes to heal and find balance, no matter what and no matter how long it may take. Remember, there is always a risk of death while fasting and/or breaking the fast. Know and understand your risks.
  5. To access the membership pages on the MFS website (MFS Protocol, MFS Tools and MFS for Pets), please purchase the MFS Membership.
  6. As a member of the MFS Private Club Facebook group, we appreciate you making a Gift to MFS in exchange for the continuous support you are receiving on your MFS journey. We leave it up to your soul to make the gift.
  7. Everyday at 4:32 a.m. or p.m. your time, wherever you may be, we ask you to please sit still for 9 seconds and make a virtual deposit to the MFS Plasma Love Bank through your intent and emotion with Plasma Love always flowing in peace, balance and correct conduct to all humanity, mother earth, and all living and non-living beings on this and other planets and galaxies throughout the universes for perpetuity. The more we deposit, the faster we manifest.
  8. If you have chosen to stay here at the MFS Private Club, we invite you to introduce yourself at the below link. Please share your photo (if you do not have one in your profile), your story including current & past diet and what brought you to this club (please keep it brief). All are welcome. Nothing to hide in the realm of the MFS. Link: MFS Private Club New Member Introduction.
  9. BEFORE you ask basic questions on the MFS Private Club, we encourage NEW members to read the MFS website and watch as many MFS YouTube videos as possible. It is also helpful to do a topic-search using the search bar in the MFS Facebook group before posting a question, as the majority of questions have already been answered in detail in the past. Here are some useful links: CPR for New MembersMFS Protocol, and MFS YouTube Channel.
  10. We encourage all members to document their MFS journey with us by starting a post on the MFS Facebook group and updating it regularly (daily if possible) using comments, photos, and/or videos. This would inspire other members and give you the necessary support and motivation to keep the Plasma Love always flowing…
  11. If you are a new member to the MFS Private Club and are not familiar with offering MFS support, we request you NOT to advice/suggest or give your opinion to other members who are seeking advice and suggestions. It is best to leave it to admins and/or members who have been living & loving one of the Levels of MFS Lifestyle Of Less Is More for at least 2 years.
  12. We expect members of the MFS Private Club to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. We, as a club, are participating in a healing movement that is affordable, effective and accessible to all. So please do not become an impediment for other people’s healing by undermining and/or participating in spreading misinformation or hate about the approach.
  13. We embrace and encourage members to share what is perceived as the good, the bad, the ugly as its all beautiful of their MFS experience (when sharing a testimony on MFS Facebook group, please type #Testimony at the top of your post). When posting photos of urine, fecal matter or any other bodily excretions, please do so in the comments section of the post so it does not show up on people’s Facebook News Feed. Here at the MFS Private Club, we lift the veil of hidden knowledge so everyone can “see”. In the ether of space, all veils are lifted and an All-One pure soul essence is nude for all to “see”. There is nothing to hide in the presence of Divine One Creation, as emotions are wide-open for all to see. We can embrace access to all knowing by going within or we may choose to stay locked into the matter state thinking of the illusion of separation. We are One Race. One Planet. One Creation. Please note that by joining the MFS Private Club Facebook group, you are giving the MFS permission to use your bodily-excretion photos on the MFS website, MFS e-book and/or MFS YouTube videos for inspirational and educational purposes. If published, your photos will always be completely anonymous.
  14. When making a post and asking questions about your challenges, in order to serve you better, please let us know the following:
    • Are you on or have you taken any medications? (especially indicate if you are on or have taken chemotherapy drugs and/or psychiatric medications such as Benzo family)
    • What Level of MFS Lifestyle Of Less Is More have you chosen to live & love?
    • Are you doing a long (1 week or more) MFS? If yes, what day are you on?
    • Which tinctures are you taking?
    • How much Plasma Pudding are you taking daily?
    • How many litres of juice are you drinking daily?
    • How much Kidney Tea are you drinking daily?
    • How many dry fasting hours are you doing daily/weekly/monthly?
    • How much/what kind of fluid are you using for daily enemas/colemas/colonics on drinking days?
    • What has your diet been like most of your life and in the last few years?
    • Anything else you believe may help such as emotional issues, traumas, and physical conditions from the past/present.
  15. While detoxing through the MFS, you may experience strong healing or detoxing reactions. One of the admins of MFS Facebook group may guide you with various options to help you alleviate the issue. This may include asking you to break the fast properly and/or to call the emergency or even go to the hospital. Remember, there is always a risk of DEATH while fasting and breaking the fast. Know and understand YOUR RISKS.
  16. You may tag (please avoid private messaging) admins of MFS Facebook group when:
    • The post requires immediate attention.
    • The post/thread includes threatening other members.
    • The post/thread is inappropriate.
    • The post/thread is going out of track.
    • Members are misguiding others and giving ill advice.
    • People are advertising their products and/or services.
    • People are suggesting solutions outside the protocol.
    • People are worrying the original poster rather than comforting him/her.
  17. Please respect other members privacy and avoid posting their shared information outside the MFS Private Club Facebook group. The group is private for a reason.

  18. BLOCKING: No member is allowed to block any of the MFS admins, and vice versa. Blocking admins will lead to removal of the member from the Facebook group.

  19. Admins of MFS Facebook group will participate in posts/threads in a cohesive and constructive way. We will remain objective in our participation with respect to comments that may not be in sync with another person’s point of view. Healthy participation is always encouraged. There is no room for threats, rudeness, impolite behaviour, sarcasm, trolling and condescending remarks. Consistent violation of rules will lead to removal. Asking re-entry is handled on case-by-case basis.

  20. Admins of MFS Facebook group choose to turn off the comments on a post when:
    • The post has been attended to and has served its purpose.
    • The topic has already been discussed many times.
    • The thread is going out of track and the discussion is not about MFS.
    • Members are getting out of hand on that particular thread.
  21. Admins of MFS Facebook group will remove and block a member when he/she disrespects any member’s privacy by sharing their information outside the MFS Private Club Facebook group. 
  22. Admins of MFS Facebook group may choose to remove and block a member when he/she:
    • Blocks any of the MFS admins.
    • Threatens any other member.
    • Is being disrespectful to other members/admins/MFS protocol.
    • Is bent upon intimidating the other members/admins.
    • Is constantly flaming threads with opposing MFS views.
    • Will not heed to warnings from admins.
    • Posts irrelevant threads.
    • Posts advertisements and promotional materials.
  23. Please avoid posting yours iris photos on the MFS Private Club Facebook group. For Iris Reading, please purchase MFS Iris Reading service. Please note MFS Iris Reading is not a diagnostic tool.
  24. Most MFS Private Club members have successfully used MFS-approved tinctures. They are made with 2:1 ratio using organic sugar cane alcohol and the highest quality herbs of organic or wild crafted source. Our special infusion process took many years of trial and error to develop. We haven’t seen any tinctures in the world come close to the potency of MFS tinctures, and thus are the only ones we recommend on MFS. There are over 60 herbal tincture formulas to choose from, each containing 6-20 different herbs. To receive a 9% discount on tinctures, purchase the pre-designed MFS Herbal Tincture Kits 
  25. Please do not upload files on the MFS Private Club Facebook group without admin’s approval. Please send the files to be reviewed by admins before uploading.
  26. MFS Private Club Facebook group have zero tolerance for sales, including promoting and/or teaching non-MFS approved protocols, modalities, products, services, forums, personal blogs, announcements, network marketing, and/or any form of commercial interests without permission of admins. We delete all of the above-mentioned posts/comments without giving prior notice, and ask you as a member to report such posts/comments and notify admins if you receive a Private Message with regard to sales. In addition, please note we do not allow re-selling opened tinctures and/or any other opened products on the MFS Private Club. Finally, reviews regarding Amazon products, that are presented on MFS Shop, can be found on Amazon website. If you had an issue with an Amazon product on MFS Shop, please contact your supplier directly. When an Amazon product is out-of-stock, please find a similar product on Amazon. We appreciate you Private Messaging our Admin, Rana El-rass, who might consider removing the Amazon product from MFS Shop.
  27. Please learn the Guidelines for Sharing the MFS by clicking here: Guidelines for Sharing MFS
  28. We encourage members to communicate their questions on the MFS Private Club Facebook group, instead of Private Messaging other MFS members for guidance and support. Likewise, we encourage members to communicate their supportive feedback on the MFS Private Club Facebook group, rather than through Private Messaging other members (please refrain from giving suggestions and/or advice unless you have completed at least 40 days on Full MFS). By posting your questions and/or feedback on the MFS Facebook group, you would receive the proper support from MFS admins and/or experienced members. Most importantly, other members can benefit when you share your questions and/or feedback on the MFS Facebook group.
  29. Connect with us every Saturday on Zoom. Learn more by clicking here: Zoom Saturday Night Event Call Protocol.
  30. All MFS website pages are copyrighted & trademarked. They are only intended to be viewed online, and thus may not be printed.
  31. For questions or concerns regarding the MFS Notice, please Private Message our Admin, Rana El-rass.

We thank you for participating in the MFS Private Club. Your cooperation allows us to keep the Plasma Love always flowing…

All use of Master Fast System™© names (MFS™©, MasterFast™©, MasterFasting™©, MFS Private Club™©, Mini MFS Options™©, MFS Hybrid™©, Super MFS Hybrid™©, MFS Divine 9 Cycle™©, MFS Alternate™©, MFS Cascade™©, MFS Weekly™©, MFS Mix & Match™©, MFS Colon Feeding™©, Plasma Pudding™©, MFS Bubbly™©, Burnt Stick™©, MFS for Pets™©, PetPlasmaPudding™©, Pet MFS Hybrid™©, Pet Full MFS™©, Obstructions™©, The Art of Subtraction™©, MFS Lifestyle of Less is More™©) and/or information, are ™© protected under common law, One Creation Divine source, for ALL to use freely for personal use as long as they are committed to peace, balance and correct conduct throughout the universe for perpetuity and are well-guarded by an army of Angels from all realms. Using any names and/or information of the MFS Private Club Facebook group and/or MFS website and/or other related pages and files for commercial purposes is PROHIBITED and must be approved by the MFS Committee of admins in writing for any licensing agreements. All ™© are property under license agreement of 1933176 ONTARIO LTD.

***Subject to change without prior NOTICE. Any typos and/or errors that may occur still deems this NOTICE in FULL FORCE.***


All information and/or usage of Master Fast System (MFS) including, but not limited to, logos, names, protocols, products, tools, concepts, and ideas is protected under the Master Fast System intellectual property rights: copyright© & trademark™. All rights reserved with prejudice.