MFS Testimonials

I spent my whole life fasting and experimenting with different protocols. I was at a place in my life where a 4 month fast was calling. I knew I needed to find just the right protocol... Then, I ended up in Master Fast System Facebook Group! I took one look and knew it was for me. I started my 108 thereafter. It became my lifestyle.
Cyd Detiege
November 22, 2017
The Master Fast System has dramatically improved my world in countless ways. A system I will continue to use till the end of my days while telling everyone who has never felt what a clear head computes like... Sending love.
Jonathan Mencoboni
June 20, 2017
MFS has helped me get my energy back and heal my sun allergy, air/car sickness, heart palpations and more. It made me finally feel free and in charge of my own health. I did a 44-day full MFS, then a 31-days MFS Hybrid/full MFS, and finally a 36-day full MFS. I have been on and off the MFS for the past year with many 4/5-day fasts. I am doing this together with my partner Johan. We are planning another MFS just after the holidays.
Wendy van der Grinten
December 12, 2017
MFS saved my life. It opened my heart, calmed my mind, cleaned my body, and changed my life. I did 54 days on MFS, starting with a serious health issue and finishing with a grateful positive attitude like never before. I’ve completely changed my habits. From an anxious, with lots of fears, kind of person, to a confident and a universal human being. I peeled some layers that obstructed me from seeing the pure beauty of LIFE. And this is just the beginning… I’ll keep MFS part of my life. Plasma love always flowing
Gina Vadana
August 09, 2017
The MFS has helped me feel more confident and comfortable in my body. It has also allowed me to feel more at peace with my life and the world. I have completed 108 days on the MFS and I'm currently doing the Divine 9 Cycle Mini MFS Option. I am unsure how long I will stick with the Divine 9 Cycle option.
Melissa Guadalupe O'Neill
February 26, 2018
Dear MFS: You have demanded nothing less than complete commitment, discipline, and clear and focused intentions. In return, you have shaped and polished me into the woman I always dreamed of transforming into! I will never forget the first thrilling 184 days spent in intimate company with you. And as I transition to MFS Weekly, I am very excited to discover what awaits during the next phase of this adventure.
Alia Al-Yafi
January 09, 2018
MFS helped my body heal from deep depression, scoliosis and hip misalignment. My eye colour is now lighter. No more pain in lower back vertebrea. No more pain from titanium foot. No more swelling of feet and legs. Unlike before, I am now able to digest fruits and salads without any issues. I have done two 108 full MFS's, dry dry fasted almost every moon phase between 48 hours and 6 days (my longest), and have been living on MFS Hybrid. I've started my MFS journey about 1.5 years ago.
Michelle Gibson
July 19, 2017
I was lead to MFS in 2016 and had been fasting regularly for around 16 years. After completing my first 108 I found this amazing system blew anything else I had done out of the water!  I was supported emotionally and physically as I released layer after layer of toxic build up. Most incredible experience of my life x
Arty Barr
March 08, 2018
Master Fast System has helped me in so many ways both physically and emotionally. Have become more intune with who I am. My adrenals are so much stronger, my candida has cleared up, my joints feel free and loose and I have healed pain I had in my intestines for many years.
Nisha Langdon
March 08, 2018
The MFS taught me juice and dry fasting protocols. My kidneys opened and started filtering during my first 24 hour dry fast back in 2016 and I have continued to filter toxins ever since. The protocols also helped remove parasites, mucoid plaque and toxins from my GI tract and colon which has greatly improved my memory, elevated my awareness, and healed my mind and spirit. Last but not least, the support of thousands of people in the group sharing their journeys and praying for you during MFS detox is a blessing especially the constant advice, guidance and love from Gino.
Christine Boyle
March 08, 2018
Master Fast System has forever changed my life from darkness to light. My body was like a sinking ship. As a captain, I had tried everything but nothing worked. I was tired to live my life, anxious, stressed, unable to work, covered by terrible acne, inflammed all over my body and struggled to love myself and others around me. I had done all kinds of detoxing and fasting out there, but nothing seemed to dig deep enough. MFS has helped my body heal the physical problems and opened my eyes to understand the connection between my physical and emotional bodies. With MFS, I have been acne and pain free for over a year now. I have gained health, balance and a great lifestyle. Beyond that, I built amazing friendships with incredible, like-minded, supportive people in the MFS Facebook group. My journey has just begun. MFS is a great way to open the doors to something many would consider impossible, as there is no such thing. The knowledge shared on MFS is simply priceless. There is nothing like it out there. After a decade of searching, I finally found something to stick with.
Laura Rosenberg
March 08, 2018
Following the Master Fast System has put me in touch with my higher self. This has allowed my body to release physical obstructions and the negative emotions that accompany it. Most importantly Master Fast System has given me a space where I can: heal, find refuge and redirect myself to my most authentic intentions.
Scott Wright
March 08, 2018
Master Fast System for me is "LOVE at first sight”. 108 days of fasting taught me about FREEDOM and SELF-LOVE. I feel like a Phoenix bird, renewed, regenerated and growing new wings. Master Fast System is my new lifestyle. A lifestyle that I was longing for so much to support me to get back into the balance in every way: spiritual, emotional, and physical. To me, fasting is about INNER ALCHEMY. The first 108 days of MFS is just the beginning of a journey of complete healing and rising in love.
Ajata Om
October 11, 2017
The Master Fast System has helped take my healing and awakening to the next level. My body has healed recurrent digestive issues and is gradually turning around my longterm osteoarthritis in hands, feet and hips, greatly reducing the pain and inflammation. MFS has also helped me release old deep seated heavy emotions and has connected me far more strongly and deeply to my still small voice within. Simply put, MFS is the most powerful and balanced detox system I have ever come across.
Peter Angel
March 10, 2018
Master Fast System has helped me obtain a healthy body. Healing on a level I could only imagine. When the body is free of obstructions then the heart, mind and soul can also be free. I have just finished 21 days of MFS. So now a total of 191 days. I'm feeling a wonderful shift in the energy of my body. Chronic fatigue is healing and fibromyalgia has completely disappeared. So much excess fat or waste released. I'm so grateful.
Adrian Lynette
March 10, 2018
I’ve done around 185 MFS days (cumulative total) in 1.5 years. 45 days was my first and longest MFS so far. Gradually, I am adding more and more MFS days. I enjoy the happiness that MFS brings, and I am perfecting my eating for life. Those two things are profoundly shifting for me, as I toggle back-and-forth on-off Mini MFS Options.
Kelly Karpoe
March 10, 2018
MFS has been an absolutely amazing journey. It has shown me that there is much more to life than I ever thought. Since breaking my 108-day MFS about 2.5 years ago, it became clear to me that food is not the way to go. I always wanted the fasting-feeling back. Balancing my eating habits between subsequent MFS's was a challenging-reminder that fasting is the way to go. I see MFS as a way to Prana. To reach Prana, I believe it is important to clear the blockages in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Since MFS is the best detoxification system I know, I see it as a fantastic vehicle to Prana.  
Rana El-rass
March 10, 2018
The Master Fast System provided, for me, a clear and precise process where I was able to transcend aspects of primordial conditioning, while simultaneously fostering a new found sense of expansion, mindfullness, strength, healing, grace, freedom and pranic flow. Experiential awareness throughout the process was, and remains, an interplay balancing every part of my being, generated from pure flowing love I could feel from my bones to my soul and beyond. Gratitude overflowing.
Vima Lamura
October 31, 2017
MFS is by far, the most valuable gift I’ve ever given myself. Life renewed and hope restored. I am grateful for every event that lead me here.
Betsy Waugaman
November 11, 2017
The MFS has given me the opportunity to further discover my real self, my soul. It has given me a deeper understanding of just being! Even after the fast is over I am being introduced to love in a new light all over again each day… the MFS gave me a new beginning, a new life, a rebirth of myself and the future.
Nour Said Khair
January 03, 2018
I feel aligned, finally, in my body, mind and soul. I may not be at my destination but I am on my path and it is such a relief! I can now show up as a healthy role model for my children. Before my 108 day MFS I felt like a fraud, a health lover getting sicker and sicker!! To say that MFS has changed my life, is an understatement.
Kellie Langan
February 27, 2018
MFS helped us rebalance our aging bodies to function more efficiently. Devi learned with proper association she was capable of fasting for 108 days without any major emotional issues. It wasn't enough to just clean the body we had to clean the mind too, by recognizing the emotional stuff coming up was all ego-based.
Drang Po & Devi Khuit
March 11, 2018
The Master Fast System is a magnificent journey into self healing. It unravels all the blockages of the past and rejuvenates your body and soul.
Johnnie Charlton
March 12, 2018
MFS has changed my life forever. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the truth, and the light. Emotional healing at it's best with ups & downs, monkey-mind games, and feeling loved and supported by the MFS Facebook group. Where else can you experience all these emotions in one place? MFS = Pure Love & Pure Strength.
Steve Pinelli
March 12, 2018
MFS has helped with my confidence, depression, and overall happiness. MFS has pushed my health to a greater level than I thought was possible. I don't think I could have achieved this on fruit alone.
Carl Mulder
June 20, 2017
What I received from the 108-day MFS was beyond expectation - self love, respect and admiration! MFS has helped me loose excess-weight, clear skin (had acne all my life), sleep throughout the night, normalize periods (regular & lighter now), sharpen eyesight, improve sense of smell, increase energy levels, and enjoy food (have been enjoying one meal of fruit & vegetables per day ever since breaking the fast). Although all these are fantastic achievements, the biggest one yet has been the emotional healing, which was beyond what I could dream of. The process was challenging with emotional ups and downs until Day 53 when I felt like a wall has fallen - I felt Great! I started having random blissful moments, like ecstasy. A different world opened up! I am 44 years old now and for the first time in my life I love looking at myself in the mirror, not for the look, but for what I see in my eyes and in my soul. It's an ongoing process and I'm loving the ride! I do understand that I only opened the door in the healing process - hence preparing myself for a 60-day MFS right now.
Luiza Bajkowska
March 13, 2018
The Master Fast System has been quite a journey; an opening into deeper layers of myself. I know this was just the beginning and that further work is yet to be done. I have just opened the doors, and stirred the cesspool, as Gino wisely says. I do look forward to more clarity and an even more sincere connection with my being.
Eri Berry
March 14, 2018
Having been on a healing path for several years, Master Fast System appeared and everything fell into place. It was the missing key for me. This system is allowing me to heal deeply on a Soul level, while gaining a clear understanding of the connection between dis-ease (imbalance) and my emotions through fasting. Through my experience of "burning alive", I had suffered tremendous pain. However, it was walking through that fire and darkness that enabled me to see the contrast. Once the door had fully opened to the connection of loving Source energy, there was no turning back. The world is shining brightly as I "see" everything in this new light, and I'm grateful beyond words to experience the beauty found in the mindful presence of everyday life.
Kelly Kibbey
March 16, 2018
The Master Fast System fully opened my compassionate-heart by efficiently removing the physical blockages that my body asked me to finally release. Literal space and nothingness filled itself in the now, attracting all that I was always longing for.
Petra Else Jekel
July 25, 2017
MFS has become a big part of my life! Initially I went slow, beginning with 9 days, then later doing a 40-day full MFS and many mini versions since! The MFS helped me remove so much mucous, mucoid plaque, worms, sulfur, old bile and acids/toxins, which resulted in a surge in my overall health and wellbeing!!! The poor health symptoms I once experienced are now a distant memory. The challenge has always been to eat as clean/mucussless as possible and resist the urge to go back to the old habits. I have made the decision to continue dry fasting for life (daily & 36 hours biweekly). My plan is to cycle between full MFS and MFS Hybrid every 9 days, as I address my emotional attachment to food. Slowly, I consider doing another 40-day or longer full MFS, as I truly feel my best while on the program!!! I continue to spread the word about this incredibly well-thought-out and safe fasting program by my mentor 'Master Gino' as we like to call him! Thank you so much Gino for setting up a safe system, but most of all a supportive and loving community that granted me the gift of truly seeing myself and the real work I must do to fully heal. Plasma Love always flowing...
Jeanette Annecchini
March 21, 2018
On a physical level, MFS has freed me from the continual neck, shoulder and back pain I had lived with for many years and with continued application of this lifestyle I feel more and more youthful (age 60). More importantly for me though, MFS is teaching me so much about this road to freedom from 3d materiality, and the flow of Plasma Love throughout the universe, allowing me to explore more deeply and clearly my soul connection and rising consciousness.
Brianna Bliss
March 20, 2018
MFS has helped me revisit all my life through my body. By allowing me to purify my physical being, I was able to gradually see and purify deep-rooted emotions and achieve a state of calmness and surrender to life that fills me with peace, faith and hope.
Gaby Guerrero
March 27, 2018
During my MFS 108 journey I found such stillness and calmness within. I truly let go of old wounds which have affected my whole life and I feel closure and acceptance at a deeper level. I came out of my fast loving myself and honouring this path. I have so much gratitude for MFS and I am currently planning my next fast. Thank you Gino and the wonderful MFS network.
Paula Davis
March 28, 2018
Thanks to the 108-day MFS, I was able to quit all my meds, which I have been taking for over 25 years to treat daily chronic migraines. The process was very intense and so many things came out at all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). I feel way lighter now though I know I still have digging to do. Thanks a lot to Gino and all the MFS members who supported me in this process. It has been an invaluable help.
Paolo Miori
March 28, 2018
A controversial waste-loss 108-day MFS (May 3rd to Aug. 20th, 2017). Healed some precancerous epithelial uterine cells. What I didn’t really know or want to know is the continuing value of MFS as a lifestyle of "Less is More". After 3 months of eating post-MFS, I decided to do MFS Weekly and it feels just right!
Marla Anderson
December 26, 2017
The MFS has allowed me to open my eyes to the massive challenges we all have emotionally as One Creation in this physical realm. The fallacy that a certain "diet" can solve our challenges has become very clear to me in the past 27+ years of searching and helping people from all walks of life through true detoxification. It is time we all dwell deep within the abyss of our soul as One Creation All Knowledge to be the change we want to see. Moving towards peace, balance and correct conduct is the only way for humanity to move forward so we can join the universal community throughout the galaxies for perpetuity for all living and non-living beings and keep the Plasma Love always flowing...
Master Luigi Gino Di Serio
April 07, 2018
I started my first MFS in October, 2016. Did 20 days, two 16 days, two 8 days, and now it's my way of life. Released mucus from the head area and lots of toxins from my GI tract and skin. Now, I have better concentration, focus and memory; and clearer and tighter skin.
Kim Gevaert
July 05, 2017


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