Terms & Conditions

  • All herbal products are listed in Canadian dollars $ CAD.
  • All sales are final. We do not offer exchanges, returns, or refunds on any sales. Our herbal tinctures are custom-made especially for you.
  • Please use the drop down menus to select options. You can select a vegan option, if you don’t want any non-vegan ingredients.
  • If one ingredient is missing in a formula we will leave it out to complete the order.
  • Please follow the sequence when filling the fields as you add custom tinctures to your cart to avoid unnecessary charges. For example, for Star Formation 4, if you choose “None” for “Add Custom Tincture 5” and you choose a tincture for “Add Custom Tincture 6”, the system will automatically charge you for 6 tinctures, instead of 5.
  • The minimum order is 4 tinctures for all tincture sizes. The maximum order is 18 tinctures for 100 ml and 250 ml, 14 tinctures for 500 ml, and 9 tinctures for 1,000 ml sizes. If you wish to order more tinctures, simply start another order.
  • Our 100 ml and 250 ml tinctures are shipped in glass amber bottles, whereas the 500 ml and 1000 ml tinctures are shipped in plastic bottles but if not available will be glass as well.
  • Shipping to European countries excluding Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Montenegro, and Switzerland involves forwarding to Netherlands first. The product pricing includes custom and shipping charges to Netherlands (the forwarding country). The additional flat rate shipping charge at the checkout is the shipping cost from Netherlands to the destination country. Unfortunately, we are unable to forward ship to Norway due to strict country regulations.
  • It takes 6-9 days to prepare, plus shipping time. Large and/or custom orders may require more time.
  • Once your order is placed, you will receive a Notice of Payment. Then, you will not hear from us (unless there is an issue with the order) until the order is shipped. We will then send you a Tacking Number to the email provided (please check your junk/spam mailbox if you haven’t received the email within 6-9 days after placing the order). Please note you may receive the order before the Tracking Number is sent. Once you have received the tracking number, please keep track of the parcel through Canada Post website and your country’s local postal service website (e.g. USPS for USA, Parcel Force for UK, etc.). 
  • We are not responsible for customs in your country refusing any of our packages and/or sending them back to us. You assume all risks for any of the packages you order from us.
  • Make sure your address and all your information are entered correctly. If you entered your address incorrectly, you will unfortunately end up paying for shipping back and forth.
  • Shipping to most countries includes insurance to cover replacement in case of loss or damage up to the point of delivery. Insurance does not cover broken glass. Our packaging has been rigorously tested. The only way to break the glass bottles is if they are dropped very hard. Insurance is lapsed once the package is deemed ‘delivered’. Once delivered by the post office, you will have to go through other means of insurance such as credit card, home insurance, etc.
  • To activate an insurance claim, a completed claim document is required along with photographic evidence of the damage caused (to both the packaging and the goods inside) and any other important information.
  • Delivery confirmation by your post office is our guarantee that your package has been delivered. Make sure you have a safe way to receive your package as there is no signature option outside Canada.
  • If you have further questions, please click here Contact Us.

Tincture Dosage Chart (take this dosage from every tincture twice per day)

Weight (Pounds)Weight (Kilograms)Dosage (Milliters)
25 or less lbs11.3 or less kg3-9 drops
25-50 lbs11.3-22.7 kg0.5 ml
50-75 lbs22.7-34 kg0.6 ml
75-100 lbs34-45.4 kg1 ml
100-125 lbs45.4-56.7 kg1.5 ml
125-175 lbs56.7-79.4 kg2 ml
175-225 lbs79.4-102.1 kg2.5 ml
225-300 lbs102.1-136.1 kg3-4 ml