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From February 2015 From: David Boles
I am currently nearing the completion of the first 24HR segment of a 100HR DF; however; will address this experience in detail in a following post. What I want to do now is provide you with some background by focusing on my recently completed 30 Grape cleanse interspersed with daily Dry Fasts between the hours of 5PM and 8AM representing approximately 15HRS, followed up with 3 consecutive weekend 48HR Dry Fasts. My objective for posting this is that I believe it’s very relevant to my experience and also as a lead into longer Dry Fasts. But mostly, I believe that some may benefit from my experience depending where your growth currently is on this path.As a backdrop, I have completed countless fruit and vegetable juice cleanses over the years along with corresponding colonic cleansing practices. Over the past eight years I have been quite disciplined in that regard in addition to regular Yoga and running along with 80% raw organic diet. I had assumed that I was cleansing at a fairly deep level and there was not really much further progress to be made; so I was comfortable in a sort of maintenance type mode.After some private discussions with V.c. Gino Di Serio, early into the New Year, he convinced me to give the 30 Day grape/lemon cleanse a try. After doing the research I decided to use an Organic cold pressed concord – amber bottled – grape juice from Eden Organics family vineyards on the shores of New Yorks Keuka Finger Lakes.So every day for 30 Days I took two quarts of this grape juice and added approximately 1/2 quart of lemon juice from fresh squeezed lemons. (The most wonderful taste you can imagine and I never tired from it). I basically consumed this at work and after went into an evening dry fast followed up with 48HR dry over the weekends. One amazing thing that I experienced was that I never wanted for energy and functioned with a fairly high state of mental clarity throughout this period. Prior to embarking on this cleanse I was, in fact, concerned about this so it indeed was a pleasant surprise.The REAL surprise was to be experience about midway in the process. I began to eliminate hard blackened material that had obviously been caked to the inside walls of my digestive system and intestines probably for many many years. Surprised because I had assumed my digestive system was quite clean and my diet had been high raw and Organic for the last eight years approximately. Well I passed this material continuously for the last half of the cleanse and well into the first week that I broke it. This is just an estimate; however; I say conservatively 35 to 45 feet of this material was released. Surprised also because I am in excellent athletic condition for my age by virtue of my yoga and running at the half marathon level and constantly placing in the top five of my age bracket.

So the question to be begged here is what triggered this substantial elimination? Was it the juices and length of the cleanse? Was it the combination of juice cleanse interspersed with Dry Fasts? I am thinking that it’s the combination of these probably acted in a synergistic fashion to trigger the release of this material. Anyway, it was a tremendous experience and I have now attained a new level with my health.

Not only has this experience greatly improved my health, but it has been just an excellent transition into the Dry Fasting process. I am now at 23 HRS of a 100HR DF and I can tell you my energy level and mental clarity is at a very high level. (I will follow with postings on my DF experience)

Master Fast Day 21 – Health is Freedom