Tips & After the Fast


As long as your stomach controls your mind, it will leave your state of health behind.
Learn about the power of your intent, emotions and spirit, which needs no physical foods. Learn to super chew everything you eat and drink. Do not guzzle any liquids, but chew them in small mouth-full amounts to mix with the saliva. Remember the stomach has no teeth.
Eating for social reasons without true hunger is detrimental. Eat only when truly hungry and as much as you truly desire. Less is always more. Eating 1-2 meals per day of mainly fruit mono meals maximum is best. Do all of your drinking and eating within a 12-hour or less window during the day, work you way up to 16-20 hours or more daily slowly over the years and keep your dry fasting daily, weekly, monthly and every season change schedules. Eat when sun is high standing up. Sickness is way more expensive than health! We can choose pain or we can choose pleasure by the food choices we make daily. Mucusless mainly fruit, starch free greens and vegetables are the road to health, balance and wellness.



The NUTRITION LIE: forget science and nutrition! It is all someone’s theory. Seek the correct INFORMATION (gravitational magnetical fields) using our species-specific foods (i.e. fruits and herbs) that have not been manipulated by man. They have everything we need. The closer to the “wild” state, the better. It is all about the INFORMATION *IN-FORMATION*. For example, GMO’s are out-of-formation, extracts of chemistry are out-of-formation, etc. Fasting, fruits and herbs are IN-FORMATION of Divine order, Universal and Nature’s laws. How can we bring peace and balance into our hearts if we continue to eat the flesh, which contains the fields (in-formation) of fear, pain and suffering from our animal friends?


Green Juices:

Juicing greens are another way instead of eating greens because we do not have the stomach to digest the cellulose in greens like the cows and other herbivorous.


Love all herbs. Learn about your local wild herbs and pick them fresh. Juice, blend, eat or add them to your teas. Below are a few examples of easily accessible herbs that can be used as much as you desire. Picking fresh wild herbs yourself is a excellent way to connect with Nature and can be very healing to the body.


Green Salads:

Green salads or raw blended green soups “warmed up”, not cooked (less than 120 degrees F), are a great addition if you want to slow down the healing process. Veggies slow down healing, but is OK if the detox is too overwhelming for you. Less than 5 ingredients is best. Take your time unless you do not have much time left. Animal products and cooked meals will STOP all healing, if the detox is to overwhelming. It is best to choose herbs for your salads. Learn to love all herbs, such as parsley, cilantro, beets with greens, spinach, dandelion, celery, fennel, artichokes, asparagus, wild herbs, etc. You can add tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, sweet peppers (minimal hot peppers), etc.


Keep seaweeds part of your diet. Kelp, Dulse, Bladderwrack, Irish Moss, etc. for your salts and thyroid and many other functions, they are the wild herbs of our oceans.



Please avoid drinking water. It actually de-hydrates you. If there is absolutely nothing else around and your body is demanding it, you can drink some. For hydration, it is best to eat water-rich fruits and vegetables to hydrate. If making herbal teas, use distilled, spring, filtered alkaline (no more than 8.5 pH) or high-quality filtered water. Do not use tap water. Coconut water is a better option than water for hydration. Again, WATER DE-HYDRATES YOU! It does not contain the correct information for us. Only water from plants HYDRATES. That is how Gino regained 3/4″ of his height back. He stopped drinking water and started DRY DRY FASTING regularly as part of his life. Cooked food eaters need to drink 1/2 to 1 litre of water per day.



When on this deep cleanse, having to deal with parasites becomes an issue. The parasites take over the host’s nervous system and make him/her crave junk food in order to survive. Often, the host loses his/her faith as the parasites take control. Many people start dumping parasites on this cleanse. This is where parasite herbs are helpful. Keep the faith. Here is an interesting video:



Mix a quart of water with 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda and 2-3 teaspoons of sea salt to rinse your mouth after drinking the Concord grape juice/lemons or after eating fruits to help remove the acids. Do not drink it. If you have any mercury amalgam fillings, we highly recommend to have them removed properly and replaced with composites, porcelain or crystals, which are best. You can also do daily oil pulling. More information can be found about it online. For tooth paste, you can use water only, coconut oil only or a mix of essential oils, turmeric, clay, sea salt, baking soda, activated charcoal, cinnamon and clove. Mix them to your liking and preferable texture.



Make sure your bowels are moving everyday on the MFS and once for every meal when eating. Otherwise, you can use herbs or do enemas or colonics to keep them moving. For enemas, use the Concord grape juice/lemons, baking soda, grasses or herbal teas. If you live in downtown Toronto, we highly recommend the services of Rana El-rass at: Life Colonics is offering colonics at a discounted rate for clients on the Master Fast ($60/session, instead of $90/session). It is the cleanest place you will ever visit.


Kidneys are KING:

It is extremely important to get the kidneys filtering. The kidneys filter the fluid (blood and lymph) in the body. The lymph system is the sewer system in the body (it collects waste from the cells). If the kidneys are congested, the lymph system will be backed-up with waste. As the kidneys start filtering, the lymph system starts moving and the kidneys eliminate toxicity and acidity from every single cell in the body. This allows the body to hydrate, alkalize, balance, heal and regenerate.


Dry Skin Brushing:

Get yourself a Natural Bristol Dry Skin Brush. Brush your skin dry from head to toe. Start with the legs, then the arms and finally the front and back of your torso. Do this every morning and evening to help your kidneys (skin is your third kidney). You can find more information about dry skin brushing online.


Deep Breathing:

Practice deep belly-breathing, especially when dry fasting (9 deep breaths – 3 times per day – 1 to 3 minutes each time).
Blood Pressure & Pulse:
120/60 is the perfect number for health. The top number reflects the adrenal gland and the bottom reflects the kidney. Check both arms as we have both right and left kidneys/adrenals. For the pulse, 60 or lower beats per minute is a great number.


Basil Temperature:

Before retiring to bed, shake down a thermometer and lay it beside your bed. Be sure it is shaken down. When you wake up in the morning, do not get up or move. Place the thermometer under your armpit and press your arm against your body. Relax and leave it there for 10 minutes by the clock. Take it out, read it and record your reading. A normal reading is between 97.8 – 98.2 Fahrenheit. Do this for 4 days on both arms. Calculate the average for each arm. If the average basil temperature is above the normal range, this indicates Hyperthyroidism and if it is below the normal range, then it indicates Hypothyroidism.



As we are not doctors,  we never ask you to stop your medication. This is something you workout with your doctor. You can ask your doctor to help you get off your medication slowly. People on blood pressure or blood sugar medications have to be extra careful coming off their medications. You must monitor your blood pressure and/or sugar regularly to avoid any issues.



Remember that whatever goes on your skin, goes into your body. So avoid using chemicals on your body such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, perfumes (use pure essential oils instead), toothpaste with fluoride, etc. Look for Natural chemical-free options. Anything you breathe goes into your body as well. So avoid breathing in cooked meats, oils, fats, chemicals, etc. Get out in Nature and smell the roses instead. Wash your purchased produce with ozonated water (my favourite), alkaline water or baking soda. Personally grown or wild-crafted foods should not be washed in order to keep the balance of Nature intact (as wild animals do). Baking soda can also be used instead of and/or combined with laundry soap. Use less than 1/2 the amount of soap you normally use.



Learn all about A=432 Hz scales. The Universe and Nature were created and sing to the harmonic-scales of this frequency. Anything outside these harmonic-scales is in dissonance (out of balance). Here is some good relaxing music in 432 Hz.



It is best to be in bed by no later than 10:30pm for adrenal health. We need to be in a deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep by 11:00pm for the adrenal glands to re-charge and assist the kidneys. The body heals best with rest.   Best direction for sleep:



Learn about dry or steam saunas, which help open up the skin and allow toxins to be excreted through the skin. 30-60 minutes after you start sweating is great a few times per week.



To neutralize acids on the skin, take hot baths with ½ cup of baking soda and a small hand-full of sea salt a few times per week. Treat yourself. Nobody else will do it for you. If you are near the sea/ocean, try to soak yourself for 30 minutes daily in the water.
If your kidneys are NOT filtering, we would not advise any hard-core exercises. Light exercises such as brisk walking, yoga, rebounding and stretching when your body has the energy are great. Barefoot walking on earth is best to collect earth’s fields and absorb Mother Nature’s energy. Keep moving when you have the energy and rest when tired. Let your body use its energy towards healing.



Get out in the sun daily if you can and expose as much of your skin and eyes to its rays as possible. Avoid using sunglasses.
Meditation and Prayer:
This is a given. Take time with your Creator and be thankful for everything.



Make mends with close family, relatives, friends and anybody in your life that you do not feel settled with. Forgive all you need to forgive and move on. Most of all, make peace with yourself and be one with your Creator.


Well-Meaning Family Members:

Negative family members, who are totally ignorant on how Nature heals, can be very challenging. Some family members might push you to see doctors and eat “nourishing-foods”, but are actually leading you towards sickness and disease. Always give them your love and support no matter what, as you will need their love and support back. Health is a personal journey, but can be much more pleasant when family is supportive. Trust in Divine order and Nature’s laws to allow you to heal. The negative pressure from family members will be amplified when you start losing weight (waste), especially if you go down to skin and bones. If you lose weight, which most likely you will, it only means that your body was built on very poor material. This should never be a concern as Nature knows best. Never worry about how much weight you loose when fasting or cleansing. The body will get back to it’s ideal weight when it finds balance. Keep your faith in Divine order and Nature’s laws. Remember, you are on Nature’s operating table without a surgeon’s knife. You cannot build good tissue on waste, just like you cannot restore an old rusty car until you strip it all down and remove all the rust before starting to rebuild with good material. Once you start to re-build with the proper INFORMATION (material) you will be stronger than ever.



Make time for your health or one day the body will force you to take time.
Genesis 1:29
And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat”. Cannot be said any more clear. Christ and many other Spiritual Masters avoided animal products and practiced/taught fasting. Every action creates an equal and opposing reaction. Everything in the Universe is based on Plasma gravitational maganetical fields (Magravs) and these fields are continuously interacting with each other throughout the Universe.


Before We Speak:

Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary? If you stop thinking and stop talking, there will be nothing you don’t know. Look to the Divine Creator, galaxies, stars, planets and Nature for your answers.


Consultations & Coaching:

Please download, fill out and sign the questionnaire forms, save as pdf files then send along with 2 clear photo of your eyes, iris (right and left). Click on image below to learn how to take eye photos.




Embrace and enjoy your journey back to wellness, health and balance.
Master Lui-Gino
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The “Luciferic Intellect”, what is this? It is your ego, which has been “programmed” by social indoctrination, governments, corporations, schooling, TV, radio, etc. It is far away from Divine order, Universal and Nature’s laws. It has nothing to do with Divine order, Universal and Nature’s laws and is based solely on theories to control the masses. Divine order, Universal and Nature’s laws are always simple. If you have to put too much thought into it, then it is false. E.g. there is more “nutrition” in the rind of watermelon than the flesh, we need so much protein per day, we need so much vitamin x/y/z per day, we need so much zinc, copper, sulphur, magnesium etc per day, we need so many ounces of water per day, we need so many hours of sleep per day, we need so much exercise per week, our blood pressure and heart rate have to be at these levels, our blood work has to be within these numbers, etc. Divine order, Universal and Nature’s laws are perfect. They always possess the correct “INFORMATION”. We do not have to put any thought into them. Look at GMO plants for example, the INFORMATION has been changed by the “Luciferic Intellect”. GMO’s have nothing to do with Divine order, Universal and Nature’s laws and is a corruption to Creation, thus causing havoc in any species that consumes them. All the “science” in this world will never figure out how Creation works with this “Luciferic Intellect”. Science generates “statistics” based on the human race, which does not follow Divine order, Universal and Nature’s laws. So how can any of the data collected have anything to do with Divine order, Universal and Nature’s laws?