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If you have been given a death sentence and are without hope, let us teach you that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and your situation CAN be turned around no matter what.

My experience shows only my body has the capability to heal itself with access to the correct “INFORMATION”. I found that no pills, doctors, herbs, food, minerals, vitamins, etc. can ever heal my body.

Cleansing and purification is a gateway of energy for reconnection to source.  Once the path is opened, it is important that one understands energy flow and direction. This is called the universal law of reciprocity (my understanding of plasma science Keshe SSI). This Universal law is put into action when you use soul-centred Intent and Emotion to guide your decision-making process. Every long journey starts with a first step. Focus only on your clearly written down goals, keep the faith and know that the Universal or Natures operating table without a knife is Divine perfection.

So, What are the options for true healing? While eating, not much, even if it’s only fruit you will plateau as eating and healing do not belong in the same sentence.

We use dry fasting as it’s as vast as the stars. MFS is a gloried dry fast.

There is dry fasting, water fasting, raw Juice fasting and here we now have the Master Fast System which uses the best of all worlds based on plasma science.


Lets look at some of them.

Diets of all sorts, keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, high fat, low fat, raw etc. The mentality of adding, and that something is missing. We use the basis of living on plasma, light or prana and enjoy fully raw clean minimal eating breaks when we choose as subtraction is the key and way to health, giving the digestion a long vacation. Food is how we get sick, fasting is how we find balance. V=P-O (Erhet). Once body is free from obstructions, all “deficiencies” go away and body finds balance.

Treatment based thinking, vitamins, minerals, supplements, powders, potions and lotions etc only suppress, stimulate, clog and never address the root/seed cause.

Dry fasting, if practiced regularly is totally FREE but needs to be done with prudence. Anything over 5 days is not recommended without supervision or at least 1-2 years minimum dry fasting and minimal clean raw eating. Make dry fasting part of your life as described below. Results are limited until GI tract full of waste is emptied out as all energy of the dry fast goes there. MFS is a glorified dry fast and we make it a love our of lifestyle.

Water fasting, Its not found in nature, the only true fast is a dry fast. To get into deeper healing you need at least 30-40 days, if you go to a retreat it will cost you thousands of dollars and you will be without work for that time plus recovery. It is very aggressive, very depleting, stressful and no filtration with kidneys from feedback. Most water fast promoters do not recommend or support enemas which only causes more stress with all that waste circulating. Most of them recommend to be bed ridden, we recommend opposite and to move daily especially when energy is high. We never recommend water fasts anymore from what we have learned in the last several years with many thousands of people who have completed proper full MFS as we describe and fully support. Also, we never recommend to drink water, water is made for washing, bathing etc and dehydrates at cellular level when drinking it.

Raw Juice fasting, limited results depending what juice you use and has no safety mechanisms built in and you will plateau.

Master Fast System™©. Most people are doing all their daily functions like working, going out, exercise, saving lots of money on food by dry fasting (min 6 days monthly) and only consuming pasteurised store bought juices (you may make your own juice and boil for 9 minutes but too much work with no real extra benefits from our experience).

The Psyllium or Plasma Pudding™©, herbal tinctures and kidney tea, allows you to go very long, many months for deeper cellular cleansing, very satisfying, hunger is controllable, you may have some down days and may need extra rest with extra enemas but very manageable and is much safer by aiding the bowels, lymphatic system, glands and organs especially kidneys and other areas which help make it all more effective. BIG time results with minimal risks and costs, you choose, Universal Hygiene with MFS giving you the key to unlock all doors so your body can deeply cleanse and regenerate.

“Every appearance in the visible world tends to produce a corresponding form in the mind which observes it: and this can only be prevented by holding the thought of the truth. To look upon the appearance of disease will produce the form of disease in your own mind, and ultimately in your body, unless you hold the thought of the truth, which is that there is no disease: it is only an appearance, and the reality is health”.Wallace Wattles, 1903


The Eyes Never Lie (Iridology)


irismap     iridology-map

40 to the Magic 108 or more DAYS of: MASTER FAST SYSTEM

The Master Fast System is unique in that it induces the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to shed the mucoid plaque (harmful mucus-like material and food residue that coats the GI tract and cells of most people). Another benefit of the Master Fast System is that the dry fasting, plasma pudding, juice and herbs will allow your body to tap into the powerful subtle energies (information) to carry out your daily activities for the most part. This is unlike most fasts, where you would be required to rest a lot, or be bed-bound.

Master Gino has more than 26-year experience with fasting and has put many systems to the test for many years before finally developing the Master Fast System. Please make a donation for continued support of the Master Fast System on this page, FaceBook and Youtube for this amazing protocol that is changing lives daily and for his continuous big-hearted support.

The Protocol

This is MFS in a nutshell.
a. Daily dry fasting: 12-20 hours – start on low end, move up slowly over weeks/months/years if not a regular faster and clean eater for minimum 1-2 years.
b. Weekly dry fasting: 24-48 hours – start on low end, move up slowly over weeks/months/years if not a regular faster and clean eater for minimum 1-2 years.
c. Monthly dry fasting: 72 hours, do your best (all dry fasting includes sleeping hours).
d. Every Season change dry fasting: 5 days dry for experienced people only (more than 5 days not recommended without supervision and minimum 1-2 years of dry fasting with clean diet experience). No enemas during dry fasting, we do not worry about bowel movements inside dry fasting. When  breaking a dry fast over 24 hours, we end with ‘MFS Bubbly™©‘, then enema a few hours later.

My schedule,

I drink my 1st cup of kidney tea with minimum Divine 9 tinctures inside tea approx 12-1pm wait 10-15 minutes. (Tea and tinctures 2 times daily).

Then I have my plasma pudding with Concord grape/lemon (lemon is an option for pudding)  or prune juice if I want bowel help.

Next I sip on juice till 4-5 pm. 1-3 Litres daily, 1-2 lemons per litre/quart of grape juice.

Last thing inside my drinking window I have my kidney tea and minimum Divine 9 tinctures at least 1/2 hour after last sip of juice.

If I need to do enema, I try and do it inside this drinking window if possible or a little outside is ok,

You can have a larger or smaller drinking/wet window each day. Adjust times hours to make it doable for you.

When starting the longer weekly dry fasts 24-36 hours or more, we start the dry fast with enema, then ‘MFS Bubbly™©.

When breaking the dry fast we end dry fast with ‘MFS Bubbly™©, then enema a few hours after hydrating with kidney, tea then grape/lemon if less than 5 days dry. If over, wait till next day for juice.

If you leave out any of things listed here, you are not doing MFS. All parts are essential and crucial for safety and success.

New faster’s need to be VERY cautious when getting out of bed or out of a chair, do it slowly to avoid feeling dizzy. If you feel dizzy, crouch down immediately and press firmly your finger under your nose upper lip and hold till you feel better.

Use all tools/tips suggested, they also can be found in MFS Facebook page, file section and all ongoing videos Youtube channel.

Burnt stick on organs / acupressure points
Enema / Colonics
Deep breathing
Cool cloth/ice on back of neck
Keep moving – light exercise esp on dry fasts
To keep warm: rebound (9min) + dry brushing hot water bottle, saunas
Dry Brush
Castor oil packs
GANS plasma pain/health pads etc
Essential Oils


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