Terms & Conditions


  • All herbal products are listed in Canadian dollars $ CAD.
  • All sales are final. We do not offer exchanges, returns or refunds on any products. Our herbal tinctures are custom-made especially for you.
  • Please use the drop down menus to select the tinctures of choice. You can select a vegan option, if you don’t want any non-vegan ingredients.
  • Please follow the sequence of tincture number when ordering to avoid unnecessary charges. If you want to order 5 tinctures, please “choose an option” in the first 5 fields without skipping any fields. If you choose “none” in the 5th field and “choose an option” in the 6th field, the system will automatically charge you for 6 tinctures.
  • Minimum order is 4 tinctures for all sizes. Maximum order is 18 tinctures for 100ml and 250ml, 14 tinctures for 500ml, and 9 tinctures for 1,000ml sizes. Maximum custom order is 12 tinctures for 100ml/250ml/500ml, and 9 tinctures for 1,000ml sizes.
  • Our 100ml and 250ml tinctures are shipped in glass amber bottles, whereas the 500ml and 1000ml tinctures are shipped in plastic bottles.
  • We do not ship directly to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden, as we have had challenges shipping to these countries in the past. We suggest finding a parcel forwarding service or a friend in a neighbouring country, who would forward the order to you.
  • Minimum 6-9 business days to prepare, plus shipping time. Large and/or custom orders may require more time.
  • Once your order is placed, you will receive a Notice of Payment. Then, you will not hear from us (unless there is an issue with the order) until the order is shipped. We will then send you a Tacking Number to the email provided (please note that you may receive the order before the Tracking Number is sent).
  • We are not responsible for customs in your country refusing any of our packages and/or sending them back to us. You assume all risks for any of the packages you order from us and cross any borders.
  • Make sure your address and all your information are entered correctly. If you entered your address incorrectly, you will unfortunately end up paying for shipping back and forth.
  • Shipping to “most” countries includes insurance to cover replacement in case of loss (non-delivery) or damage. However, insurance does not cover broken glass. Our packaging has been rigorously tested. The only way to break the glass bottles is if they are dropped very hard.
  • To activate an insurance claim, a completed claim document is required along with photographic evidence of the damage caused (to both the packaging and the goods inside) and any other important information.
  • Delivery confirmation by your post office is our guarantee that your package has been delivered. Make sure you have a safe way to receive your package(s) as there is no signature option outside Canada.
  • If you have further questions, please click here Contact Us.

Tincture Dosage Chart (dosage is per tincture) - take two dosages per day:

Weight (Pounds)Weight (Kilograms)Dosage (Milliters)Dosage (Droppers)
25 or less lbs11.3 or less kg------3-9 drops
25-50 lbs11.3-22.7 kg0.5 ml 0.25 dropper
50-75 lbs22.7-34 kg0.6 ml0.33 dropper
75-100 lbs34-45.4 kg1 ml0.5 dropper
100-125 lbs45.4-56.7 kg1.5 ml0.75 dropper
125-175 lbs56.7-79.4 kg2 ml1 dropper
175-225 lbs79.4-102.1 kg2.5 ml1.25 droppers
225-300 lbs102.1-136.1 kg3-4 ml1.5-2 droppers