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Bath & Foot-Soak:

  • Baths help neutralize acids on the skin, relax the mind, improve the mood, and reduce pain and inflammation.
  • If you don’t have access to a bathtub, do a foot-soak instead.
  • Take a hot bath and/or a foot-soak with baking soda (½ cup for bath/1 teaspoon for foot-soak) & Sea Salt (small hand-full for bath/1 teaspoon for foot-soak). You may also use Calcium Water and/or GANS/Plasma Water.
  • Treat yourself to a bath and/or a foot-soak at least once a week.
  • If you live near the sea/ocean/lake, aim to soak yourself for at least 9 minutes daily in the water, if possible.

Breathing exercise:

  • Improves energy and brings balance to the whole body.
  • Practice all types of breathing.
  • Here is a video that Master Luigi Gino Di Serio made while practicing deep breathing to re-balance the body.
  • We highly recommend minimal deep (belly) breathing exercises or Buteyko breathing method to raise your CO2 levels, which enhances O2 utilization in the body. Incorporate this method into your lifestyle (9-18 minutes twice per day and make it part of your life).
  • Remember, anything you breathe goes into your body. So avoid breathing in cooked meats, oils, fats, chemicals, etc. Get out in nature and smell the roses instead.

Burnt stick™©:

Calcium Water:

  • To make Calcium Water, add 1-2 cups of Calcium Carbonate (limestone) to a large glass container with a lid (avoid plastic containers). We can under do the amount of Calcium Carbonate that we add, but we cannot over do it, so put in as much as fits the bottom of the glass container.
  • Add pure water to the Calcium Carbonate and cover the glass container.
  • Use the purest water you can access to prepare Calcium Water. Click here to learn about Purifying Water.
  • It takes a couple of days for the Calcium Carbonate to settle at the bottom the first time. It will settle faster (overnight) with subsequent fillings. Once the Calcium Carbonate has settled, pour the clear water on top (Calcium Water) into another glass container for storage. You may use some of the cloudy water, but it is best to let the Calcium Carbonate settle and use the clear water on top.
  • We encourage using Calcium Water to make the Kidney Tea, for enemas and as a mouth wash.

Castor oil packs:

  • On congested and/or pain areas.
  • Use 100% cotton or flannel (avoid material with colours or dyes). Soak the cloth in castor oil (a pinch of cayenne may be added), place over target area, wrap the area with plastic wrap (to avoid staining) and then put a hot water bottle or a heating pad over the pack to drive the oil into the area. Apply for at least 45 minutes or leave overnight. 3 days on, 3 days off, repeat.
  • Here is a useful video on how to prepare castor oil packs.

Cold shower:

  • This improves circulation and increases energy.
  • Take a cold shower for 1 minute after a warm shower.

Dry skin brushing:

  • This boosts your energy, improves circulation, , and assists the kidneys (skin is your third kidney).
  • Brush your skin dry from head to toe. Start with the legs, then the arms and finally the front and back of your torso.
  • Do this for 9 minutes twice a day (morning & evening).
  • Here is a link to Dry Skin Brushes we recommend.
  • You may add a single drop of your favourite essential oil onto the bristles of your dry skin brush and infuse the entire body with the oil before showering or bathing (see below).

Ear candling:

  • Ear candles create a suction action in the ear canal, which pulls excessive ear wax and other impurities.
  • Benefits include improved lymphatic movement in the head area, better balance and equilibrium, more balanced emotional state, and stress relief.
  • Here is a link to the Ear Candles we recommend.
  • Instructions:
    1. Take a paper plate, puncture a small hole in the centre, cover the plate with foil paper, and poke the candle through the hole leaving a 2-inch space between the paper plate and the base of the candle. The plate serves to protect your head from any ashes that may fall off from the burning candle. Most candles don’t produce any ashes, but it’s good to have the plate as a precaution.
    2. Fill a glass half-way through with water and place it at the site. This will be used to extinguish the flame from the candle at the end of the process.
    3. Find a comfortable place on a tiled floor (e.g. bathroom floor) where you can lie down on your side. Tighten your hair securely away from your ears. Place a mirror in front of you so you can watch the burning candle.
    4. Lie down on your side. With one hand, hold the candle at a 90-degree-angle to your ear, positioning the base about ¼ inch inside the ear. With the other hand, light the tip of the candle.
    5. Hold the candle tightly against your ear until it burns down to about 2-3 inches away from the plate (~10 minutes). As the candle burns, you will hear popping noises. This is a sign that the wax in the ear canal is being broken up and pulled out.
    6. When the candle has burned down (to about 2-3 inches away from the plate), remove it and place it upside down into the glass to extinguish the flame.
    7. Pull the candle out of the water and cut it to see the wax and debris that have been pulled out from the ear canal.
    8. Clean the ear using a Q-tip dipped in olive oil. Avoid going deep. Gently clean what you can see of the ear canal.
    9. Repeat the process on other ear.


  • This eases the detoxification process by helping you remove physical and emotional blockages that are making you feel weak. They are the first line of defence for any healing reaction.
  • Avoid washing the colon in the middle of a long (more than 48 hours) dry fast, as we must “hydrate” for a few hours after a long dry fast.
  • Moving bowels is best done in the natural squatting position. This is the way infants instinctively defecate. Somehow we were convinced that the modern position of “sitting down” on toilet is more civilized, when it rather contributed to our modern bowel issues. Use a squatting toilet stool to restore your squatting position. Here is the one we recommend.
  • See Bowel Movements.

Essential oils: 

  • Master Luigi Gino Di Serio highly-recommends Living Libations extraordinary line of Essential Oils, created by his dear friend Mrs. Nadine Artemis. Living Libations oils are distilled from either wild-crafted or organic plants. A unique extraction process is used to free the aromatic molecules from the plant’s cellulose.  
  • Ways of using essential oils:
    1. Straight from the bottle: feel the benefits of your favourite oil by simply opening the bottle and taking a whiff.
    2. Fabric: place 1-2 drops of your favourite essential oil on your pillow before sleeping or on a damp cloth and place the cloth over your face for a few minutes.
    3. Essential Oil Diffuser: cleanse your atmosphere by simply adding 3-5 drops of your favourite Essential Oil to Purified Water in the diffuser. Allow the pure micro-misted oils in the air to enter your body through breathing. Even better, fill the diffuser with CO2/ZnO GANS/Plasma Water, which works on the emotions. Turn on the diffuser, breathe in the fields through your nose for 9 or 18 minutes once or twice daily. You may also leave it on all day to fill your home with Plasma fields keeping the Plasma Love always flowing to peace, balance and correct conduct.
    4. Salt Inhaler: purify your breath and airways by adding add 5-10 drops of your favourite oil to the salt. Practice alternate nostril breathing by holding the inhaler to each nostril and inhaling, while exhaling through the other nostril. You can incorporate this tool into your daily breathing routine.
    5. Dry Skin Brushes: add a single drop of your favourite essential oil onto the bristles of your dry skin brush and infuse the entire body with the oil before showering or bathing.
  • Living Libations also offers a beautiful line of Oral & Hair Care Products.

GANS/Plasma Pain Pads:

  • Place a paper towel into a medium-size ziplock bag.
  • Wet the paper towel with GANS/Plasma Water (see below), drain excess liquid and close the ziplock bag tightly. Now, the GANS/Plasma Pain Pad is ready to use. 
  • To use, place the GANS/Plasma Pain Pad under your bed sheet where you lay your head down. We also suggest placing it over any area in the body where you feel congestion and/or pain.

GANS/Plasma Water:

  • First, please watch Master Lui-Gino Di Serio instructional video on how to make CO2/ZnO GANS.
  • To make GANS/Plasma Water, fill a plastic container with 2 litres of distilled water mixed with 5 tablespoons of non-iodized sea salt (see photo). Here is the link to the Water Distiller we recommend.
  • Extract a zinc cylinder from a zinc-carbon battery. Here is an instructional video on how to extract the zinc cylinder from a zinc-carbon battery. Make a whole in the zinc cylinder with a sharp knife and hook it with a hard wire to the top of the container so it’s held half way above the water (see photo).
  • Connect the zinc cylinder to the positive end of an AA battery using a double-ended crocodile clips cable. Make sure the crocodile clip does not touch the water.
  • Prepare Nano-coated copper. Follow the instructions in this video.
  • Immerse two-thirds of the Nano-coated copper in water and connect it to the negative end of AA battery using double-ended crocodile clips cable. Make sure the crocodile clip does not touch the water. This photo shows a carbon rod (instead of Nano-coated copper), which is not advised for health applications.
  • The GANS/Plasma will start forming at the bottom of the plastic container (the white part at the bottom – see photo). You can collect the GANS/Plasma a few days after you start the process by pouring out the clear liquid on top (which can be reused to make a new batch), leaving behind the GANS/Plasma on the bottom. Then, pour out the GANS/Plasma into a glass bottle (see photo). Then, wash the GANS/Plasma by adding distilled water, letting the GANS/Plasma settle overnight, then pouring out the top clear water, which can now be used for enemas (Plasma Water – basically water energized by GANS/Plasma). Repeat the washing process at least 3 times. The washing process serves to remove the salt.
  • The collected GANS/PLASMA in this photo was washed many times. Now, the GANS/Plasma Water is ready to use. 
  • We encourage using GANS/Plasma Water to make the Kidney Tea, add in small amounts (1-2 teaspoons) to the juice, for enemas and to make Pain Pads.
  • Finally, top up the GANS/Plasma that’s left at the bottom in the bottle with distilled water to make more Plasma Water. You can use the GANS over and over for million years. GANS are an infinite source of energy.


  • Spend time outdoors walking barefoot, picking fresh wild herbs, lying down on earth, and/or swimming in the sea, ocean, or lake. This allows you to absorb Mother Nature’s energy and lets it absorb your stress and worries.
  • Here is an instructional video by Master Lui-Gino Di Serio on how to ground yourself and your bed to earth.
  • Expose as much of your skin and eyes as you can to sunshine (avoid wearing sunglasses). You may also do this under the moonlight. This brings your love for life back and helps you feel more centred and grounded.
  • Do this 20-30 minutes per day.

Hot water bottle & cold cloth/ice pack:

  • Alternate hot water bottle and cold pack on congested and/or pain area.
  • Apply for 5 minutes each time, at least 9 times (start and finish with cold).

Light exercise:

  • Remember, movement is crucial, as stagnation is disease.
  • Such as brisk walking, biking, yoga, rebounding (9 minutes) and stretching are great for warming up the body (click here for suggested Yoga Mat and Rebounder).
  • Here is a video by Master Luigi Gino Di Serio demonstrating back exercises using a Rolling Pin.
  • Avoid strenuous exercises if you are not used to them. If you are used to them, start slow.
  • Avoid strenuous exercises unless the kidneys are filtering well (to check for kidney filtration pee in a clear glass jar and check for sediment, mucus or particles in the urine).

Measure Basil Body Temperature:

  • Before retiring to bed, shake down a thermometer and lay it beside your bed. Be sure it is shaken down. When you wake up in the morning, do not get up or move. Place the thermometer under your armpit and press your arm against your body. Relax and leave it there for 10 minutes by the clock. Take it out, read it and record your reading. Do this 4 days in a row and calculate the average.
  • A normal reading is between 97.8 – 98.2°F.
  • If the average basil temperature is above the normal range, this indicates hyperthyroidism and if it is below the normal range, then it indicates hypothyroidism.
  • In case of hypothyroidism, assist your body by adding Thyroid and/or Thyroid/Thymus MFS herbal formulas to your MFS.

Measure Blood Pressure:

  • Get yourself a Blood Pressure Monitor and measure your blood pressure.
  • 120/60 is the perfect number for health. The top number reflects the adrenal gland and the bottom reflects the kidney.
  • Check both arms as we have both right and left kidneys/adrenals.
  • In case of low blood pressure, assist your body by taking Pure Licorice Candy, and/or Licorice or Holy Basil herbal formulas (contact Master Luigi Gino Di Serio to order these two formulas), all which would raise blood pressure.
  • During a dry fast, if the top reading on the blood pressure monitor is less than 100, we suggest breaking your dry fast safely as per MFS protocol.

Measure Pulse:

  • To take your pulse, place the tips of two fingers (index and middle) on palm side of other wrist, below the thumb.
  • Press lightly on the area until you feel your pulse.
  • Count the number of beats you feel for 15 seconds. Multiply the number by 4 to get your beats per minute.
  • 60 or lower beats per minute (bpm) is a great number.
  • During a dry fast, if your pulse is over 100 bpm, we suggest breaking your dry fast safely as per MFS protocol.

Natural Chemical-Free Alternatives:

  • Remember, whatever you put on your body externally, gets absorbed into it.
  • Here are our suggestions for natural alternatives:
    • Body lotion: coconut oil
    • Hair products: we recommend Living Libations line of Hair Care Products.
    • Soap: we recommend Living Libations Soap.
    • Perfume: use pure essential oils instead (see above).
    • Toothpaste: we suggest using water only or a mix of any of the following ingredients: coconut oil, essential oils (e.g. peppermint, clove and/or cinnamon), turmeric, clay, sea salt, baking soda and/or activated charcoal. Mix them to your liking and preferable texture. We recommend Living Libations line of Oral Care Products.
    • Menstrual pads/cups: we suggest using natural reusable menstrual pads/cups that are free from irritating materials, thus preventing unnecessary exposure to the synthetic components found in disposable pads & tampons. Here are the Reusable Sanitary Pads & Cups we suggest.
    • Birth control: we suggest using naturural birth control methods (Fertility Monitors) to track your fertility, rather than hormonal pills or IUD’s. These monitors have over 98% accuracy. During your fertile days, use a hormone-free birth control option. 
    • Washing produce: wash your purchased produce in ozonated water (here is the Ozone Generator we recommend). The ozonation process neutralizes 98% of pesticides and kills 100% of microbes. To ozonate produce, place them in a stainless-steel sink and fill with water, place air stone connected to silicon tube at the bottom of the sink, run ozone machine for 36 minutes, strain produce and eat. Otherwise, use alkaline water, baking soda, apple cider vinegar and/or lemon. Avoid washing personally grown and/or wild-crafted foods in order to keep the balance of nature intact, as wild animals do.
    • Washing laundry: use baking soda instead of, and/or combined with, laundry soap. Use less than 1/2 the amount of soap you normally use, if you decide to use it.
    • Sanitizing mattress & pillow: using the Ozone Generatorplace the air stone on a bare mattress or pillow, and run ozone machine for 1 hour on the mattress or 9 minutes on pillow. Repeat once a month.
    • Sanitizing air: let the Ozone Generator run for 9 minutes every few hours (make sure windows are closed).

Neti Pot:

  • A Neti Pot is a small container designed to flush out nasal passages using a saline solution.
  • It is used to relieve all kinds of head congestion.
  • To prepare the saline solution, add 1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt to 2 cups of warm (body temperature) Purified Water.
  • You may substitute the saline solution with Kidney Tea, Concord grape juice, GANS/Plasma Water, and/or Calcium WaterThese options maybe diluted with as much, or as little, Purified Water.
  • To use, lean over a sink or bowl, tilt your head sideways, and insert the spout of the neti pot into the upper nostril so the solution flows out of the lower nostril. Do this while breathing through the mouth. Use half the solution on the first nostril and the other half on the second. Blow your nose gently in between nostrils and after to clear solution.
  • Rinse the neti pot after each use and let it air dry.
  • You may use it once a day.

Oral Health Care:

  • Do daily oil pulling using coconut or sunflower oil (Master Luigi Gino Di Serio prefers Kidney Tea instead of oil). Best to do the pulling before brushing your teeth in the morning. Instructions: Put 1-2 teaspoon of oil into your mouth (or a mouthful of Kidney Tea), swish it around for 9 minutes, spit it into a trashcan, and brush your teeth.
  • For toothpaste, we suggest using water only or a mix of any of the following ingredients: coconut oil, essential oils (e.g. peppermint, clove and/or cinnamon), turmeric, clay, sea salt, baking soda and/or activated charcoal. Mix them to your liking and preferable texture.
  • Message gums deeply everyday to move the lymph (energy) and stagnant acids.
  • Wash your moth with Calcium Water or Kidney Tea after eating or drinking.
  • If you believe the lemon juice is causing oral issues, reduce it to drops and drink the juice with a straw.
  • Some people get stained teeth drinking the juice, while others do not. This just shows that some of us have very porous teeth, while others don’t. This would be resolved with deep healing. For the short term, we suggest using a straw to drink the juice.
  • If you have any mercury amalgam fillings, we highly recommend having them removed properly and replaced with composites, porcelain or crystals, which are best. You can find more information about this online.
  • Use a good dental protocol to take care of your oral health. Master Luigi Gino Di Serio highly-recommends Living Libations line of Oral Care Products.


  • Applied on skin to relieve pain, inflammations, irritations, rashes, infections, ulcers, lesions, boils, accesses, etc.
  • A poultice is a paste home-made by mashing fresh and/or dried herbs (e.g. wheatgrass), and any other beneficial substances such as clay, activated charcoal, salts, etc. The paste is wrapped in a piece of cloth, which is then is applied on the skin. Alternatively, the paste can be applied directly on the skin, covered with a piece of cloth, and then covered with plastic wrap to hold it in place.
  • We suggest changing the poultice every 3 hours or when it dries out.

Prayer & Meditation:

  • This is a given. Take time with your Creator and be thankful for everything. Quiet your mind, embrace the silence, and focus your intentions on your goals to reach an emotionally calm state.
  • Before we talk, let’s ask ourselves “Is it necessary?” Let’s look to the Divine Creator, galaxies, stars, planets and nature for answers.

Purifying Water:

Rest, nap and/or sleep:

  • When you feel the necessity. If body requires rest, then rest, nap and/or go to bed early.
  • It is best to be in bed by no later than 10:30pm for adrenal health. We need to be in a deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep by 11pm for the adrenal glands to re-charge and assist the kidneys. The body heals best with rest.
  • Here is a link on the best direction for sleep.


  • Learn about dry or steam saunas, which help open up the skin to allow toxins to be excreted out of the body, thus taking the load off the kidneys. This improves circulation and reduces lymphatic congestion.
  • 10 minutes on, 1 minute cold shower, and repeat 2-4 times, a few times per week.
  • Avoid saunas while dry fasting and at least 2 days after breaking the dry fast.
  • Here is a link to a Portable Sauna that can be used at home.

432 Hz tuning fork:

  • 432 Hz tuning forks have profound positive effects on our bodies at the cellular level and on our whole consciousness.
  • To use, find a quite moment in your day, sit down in a comfortable position, tap the fork using a firm but soft object, and then place the fork about 4” away from your ear (you can bring it a little closer if you wish). Here is a short video demonstrating how to use the fork. Focus on the tone until it completely dissipates. Do the same for the other ear. Repeat this simple process by placing the fork near any area in the body, juice, Kidney Tea, enema bag/bucket, etc.  and observe your body’s reaction to the tone.
  • Here is the 432 Hz Tuning Fork we recommend.

432 Hz tuning videos/music:

  • Learn all about A=432 Hz scales. The universe was created and sings to the harmonic-scales of this frequency. Anything outside these harmonic-scales is in dissonance (out-of-balance).
  • Here is a great book recommended by Master Luigi Gino Di Serio on the implications of pitch on human state.
  • Play Keshe technology-influenced Divine Healing 432 Hz Plasma Wave ORA 1.1
  • Here is a link to relaxing 432 Hz music.
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