1. WHY is cooked grape juice used on MFS?

A: MFS is based on my inderstanding of how the Universe works, rather than just what is natural to this planet.  We do not absorb any physical matter as we have been taught, it’s all gravitational magnetical (magravs for short) plasmatic field interactions from the foods we ingest or from environment. Our stomach is a vacuum system, no matter passes. Matter is created by the field interaction to create our physicality. Also fire is natural to Creation, we use the cooked juice because when we heat it, we open up its structure atomically to release its energy making it a much stronger GANS (gas as nano state) state, with much stronger field strengths. So when you mix the cooked grape juice with lemon (raw or cooked) juice, we have a huge gradient to allow much stronger field interaction between the two. This is why it cleans better than anything else. If you want to understand the true science, watch the videos, which I have posted links below. Looking only at Nature and main stream science is very limited viewing window,  Nature works under Universal law.

Also juicing is NOT natural as a food source, once its juiced, its immediately being transformed to be broken down by bacteria etc to return to where it came from because its environment has changed. If you use it occasionally if you are healthy its not an issue. This info is a new understanding. We use the dark cooked juice with a light  juice to create a strong field interaction by the gradient. Farmers used and still do burn their fields after harvest to raise the energy by fire, carbon, stronger field strength for next seasons crop. We also have the cooked tea with the tinctures, same thing, strong field interaction, also the psyllium mix, charcoal, black in GANS state with the clay, light colour, another strong field interaction, so we have 3 strong plasmatic field strengths happening, all working together to allow your body to deep clean, find balance and heal. Instant healing has been achieve with plasma, walk in with disease walk out with no disease in minutes/hours or days. Plasma works on soul level, once you correct emotion, physicality has no choice but to correct itself, not other way around.
This is new to 99% of the world, we have just scratched the surface of understanding plasma science based on Creation. MFS is by far the most expanded cleansing system out there that fits into anyone’s life, whether you are working part time, full time or homemaker. You can live on MFS if you choose. We actually suggest MFS as a lifestyle, many options to choose from. You have been on this page, you see people’s stories of many miracles and big results but something in your curiosity wants to fully understand exactly who, what, why, how etc. let the mind go and focus on the results, as we are results based, no need to wait for science. Just think of “main stream science”, it keeps changing because it’s not truth, it’s based on the mighty $ for gate-keeping truth to enslave us. Truth does not change and the Universe’s are always in motion and expanding in every direction inwards and outwards, stagnation is disease. One more thing, feeding ourselves with pure plasma (energy) is all around us, look at the plant kingdom, planets etc, they live on fields, for most this would not be “natural”, meaning, using pure plasmatic fields with no physical foods to obtain our energy. This is just scratching the surface with this “new” plasma space technology, it has been around since the beginning of time throughout the Universe’s. It is growing very quickly here on earth and we will be seeing more and more of this plasma technology.


Gabrielius Cass, (Feb. 6, 2017 FB post) I was juicing fresh raw concord grapes in the fall of 2014-2015 for 2-3 months every fall, 2 bushels every week (thats about 50lbs of grapes) while being on Dr.Morse’s protocols. I had so much commitment and tons of juicing/cleaning work to do every single day for those 2-3 months… Results? Not even close to what I have now for more than  a year that Im on either MFS  or MFS Hybrid, not even talking about the dry fast, My kidneys weren’t even filtering!
For eating, of course raw is the king but for cleansing, raw juice is like you’d compare vegetables to fruits… Raw being in the league of veggie here per se…
Pasteurized juice doesn’t rob so much of energy from body like raw does, plus cleansing wise is at totally different league the unleashed energy wise…
Although still so many in the raw community are walking like horses w blinders on…
Glad you see some results even though not following mfs to the book and thats where it shines/does the magic 😉


2. What are the Keshe Space Ship Institute teachings?
A: If you want to learn watch the SSI Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshop videos first, starting with # 1:
Then all the SSI Health teachings, starting with # 1:
SSI Knowledge Seekers Workshops:


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3. Is it ok to squeeze fresh black grapes to juice or must it be store-bought concord juice?
A: If it’s a good old small black grape with a wild strain in it, or any of the recommended juices, juice the fruit, then just boil it for  9 minutes. The longer you boil, the more concentrated.  Let it cool, then add the lemon juice as usual to activate or cook together. Raw juice has no power compared to the cooked grape and lemon mix. It’s all about field interaction, not nutrition. All the raw foodist’s have a really hard time with this. So did I  many years ago as I was 100% raw for over 9 years believe raw is law, we smashed through that belief.

4. Importance of enemas – when to do them etc.
A: We want the bowels to move daily on the MFS. Even though we are on herbs and the psyllium mix to help bowels move, some of us have challenges to move them, so we use enemas to assist and wash. Doing them daily is highly recommended to keep washing all the loosened pathogens/toxins which the fast loosened up and get things moving out asap. If you have diarrhea it means lots of excess acids need to be released. Use the baking soda enema method to help cool the acids and avoid dehydration and keep things cool so it does not burn. Doing enemas daily will only help you, make the experience more enjoyable and effective.

5. Why shouldn’t we drink water?
A: Water will never hydrate you at the cellular level. Hydration is about hydrogen, not water.  Water and too many liquids will also stress your kidneys and de-hydrate you more. Making dry fasting part of your life will train your body to hydrate itself at the cellular level better than anything else. Also, fruit is in a perfect plasmatic state, and will hydrate you at a cellular level in time, as you become more balanced. When I was growing up, I remember nobody carried water around with them. Were people more sick 30-40 years ago or now with everyone carrying bottled water around? Since I stared dry fasting and stopped drinking all water (I only use it to make herbal teas) about 3 years ago, I never get thirsty anymore and have regained ¾” of my lost height back. It is important to understand, this can only be done through hydration at the cellular level.

6. Do we have to use the Tinctures? I can’t afford them.
A: All parts of MFS are crucial for safety and effectiveness. We do not support juice only fasts. I’m not sure why people think the MFS costs more than eating? Sickness is way more expensive. Remember, 6 days per month minimum, we are dry fasting. There is no drinking, no herbs, no nothing. Just breathing air. The juice, lemons, plasma pudding, kidney tea and the Divine 9 recommended herbal tinctures actually cost less daily than what most people spend on eating. In some countries the juice is expensive, so a good idea would be to get a bunch of Master Faster’s together and buy wholesale to save. You can also learn what herbs grow wild in your area for all the essential Star Formation 4 category and buy or pick them for free. I never put a price on my health. I have spent well over $250,000 over the last 26 years to learn and experiment on my body to gain vitality and health, and it’s still ongoing. I never stop. What is your health worth to you?  This is absolutely affordable for all if the choice is to heal. I see people all the time saying, “Oh that is too expensive”, then they show me a new set of $4000 wheels they just bought for their car that they did not even need. People spend $150 on hair dye, cigarettes, coffee, clothes and shoes they do not need and cause damage to their bodies. You either make time for your health or wait till your body forces you to make time. The choice is always yours.

7. Mucoid plaque, is it real? What about plasma pudding?
A: People choose to be lost in the Luciferic realm, this has been brought up so many times its ridiculous. people are in denial that they are full of shit interstitially. That is where most of the mucoid plaque is locked up in and in every single cell, not just the gi tract. The fact is people believe that the plasma pudding is what is coming out, of course its coming out, what goes in has to come out but, the pudding which we use, 1-4 tablespoons once per day is a very small amount which is crucial to help massage, pull and absorb all the loosened toxins and acids from the fast, It does not add up to several feet of plaque like people are releasing and does not have any odour going in. Once pudding comes out, its stinks worse than the deepest pits of hell, oh I guess its the pudding? Another thing, my first 40 day juice fast in 1990, I fasted with guess what, only concord grape juice, no pudding at all and guess what, I released crap every single day, all the dark stuff started at about 7-10 days, I started to release huge long dark black rubbery plaque and continued to release many feet till the end of my fast. I was 26 years old, very inexperienced and had zero support, I ended up burning my kidneys really bad because I did not understand the process as I do now over 26 years later. I ended up being bed ridden for almost 2 years, paid the price heavily so you do not have to. Also many other people have released this dark black plaque without pudding, I say, DO NOT take the risk without it, its part of MFS. Its very cheap insurance. Common sense, all the old waste starts coming out, body starts finding balance, not before. Choice is yours to believe what you want, does not change the truth, truth is, we are all full of shit!

8. Isn’t having juice every day too much sugar for my system?

A: Only if you believe our species specific foods, fruit, that are created by Creation are a mistake. Carbon (sugar) is essential to all life forms on this planet. COHN, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. Fruit is the least karmic and least obstructive of all physical foods for man.

9. I have Type 2 Diabetes, I don’t think I can drink all that juice.

A: Fruit is our species specific food, fructose from whole fruit does not require insulin to be processed by our cells like all other sugars. We do not drink, we sip small amounts all day during our drinking window while fasting.

10. The herbs are too strong for me .  What should I do?

A: Start on smaller amounts, even drops if you have to and slowly increase. You may add to hot kidney tea or you may add to a little juice or maple syrup if you really have to until you are use to them. You may also evaporate the alcohol in a wide open pan overnight by air.